Top 10 Most Influential Real Estate Lawyers in Costa Rica 2023

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The real estate market in Costa Rica is teeming with abundant opportunities, idyllic locations, and challenging legal frameworks. Aiding investors in navigating through the latter are the eminent real estate lawyers who play a pivotal role in the Costa Rican real estate game. This feature introduces and elaborates on a selection of worthy mentions in this rigorous playing field, providing individuals and corporations a glimpse into the top legal minds in Costa Rica’s bustling real estate industry. This will also enable potential clients to understand who they can trust their legal matters to.

The lawyers listed herein have been curated based on their expertise, understanding of the real estate market, tractability, insight, responsiveness, and overall professionalism. They are specialised in handling a variety of real estate matters including mandates, commercial transactions, contract formulation, litigation, and everything in between. Their clientele includes high-profile corporations, local businesses, and individual investors alike.

The following list is not exhaustive but provides a notable picture of the key players in the arena. This comprehensive list will empower potential clients to make informed decisions while choosing a lawyer to represent their interests in the Costa Rican real estate market.

Juan Carlos Tristan


The up-and-coming partner at BLP, Juan Carlos Tristan, is highly recommended for his business intelligence and resourceful insights, which have made him a key player in the Costa Rican Real Estate Industry.

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Carla Baltodano-Estrada

Zurcher, Odio & Raven

Carla Baltodano-Estrada from Zurcher, Odio & Raven maintains her position in the rankings with her continued professionalism and strong stance in real estate matters.

Eduardo Zúñiga

Dentons Muñoz

Eduardo Zúñiga, the head of department at Dentons Muñoz, is praised for his deep knowledge and understanding of the real estate business and the precision with which he executes transactions.

Anneth Jiménez


Anneth Jiménez of BLP, known for her adeptness in assisting clients with the managing and developing of coastal real estate projects, is a noteworthy practitioner in Costa Rica.

Andrea Hütt Fernandez

Land & Business Attorneys

Andrea Hütt Fernandez from Land & Business Attorneys is known for her organisation, specialisation, and professionalism, making her an easy choice for clients.

Rafael E Cañas

Sfera Legal

Rafael Cañas, co-head of department at Sfera Legal, is commended by peers for his proven strength in real estate cases and his presence in Costa Rica’s coastal market.

Alberto Sáenz Roesch


Alberto Sáenz Roesch of INVICTA LEGAL is appreciated and well-regarded for his capabilities in representing clients in a variety of real estate mandates, including active involvement in hotel sale transactions.

Alvaro Leiva Escalante

Alvaro Leiva Escalante, a solo practitioner, is praised by onlookers for his notable participation in various real estate mandates in Costa Rica, providing extraordinary legal services to his clients.

Alejandro Antillón

EY Law

Alejandro Antillón, co-head of department at EY Law, is esteemed for advising high-profile clients on a range of important mandates, consistently providing accessible and effective solutions.

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Robert C van der Putten

Sfera Legal

Robert van der Putten, co-head of department at Sfera Legal, is known for his unique ‘outside-the-box’ solutions, resourcefulness, and a well-rounded practice in real estate.

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