Top 10 Most Influential Real Estate Lawyers in Colombia, 2023

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In this article, we explore some of the most noteworthy real estate lawyers in Colombia. Offering a diverse array of skills and knowledge, these lawyers have distinguished themselves in the high-stakes world of real estate law. Whether they’re advising on new urban developments, managing complex rural law cases, or handling urban regulation mandates, their expertise is in demand in Colombia’s burgeoning property market.

Each lawyer featured in this article brings a unique blend of skills, experience, and specialization to the table. The lawyers mentioned have not only earned the respect and trust of their clients but have also left a marked impression on the legal community of Colombia. While some have the backing of prestigious firms, others have successfully established themselves as competitive sole practitioners.

We’ve collected information from various sources to present a comprehensive overview of each of these renowned lawyers. Their profiles, complete with brief details of their respective firms and accolades, are shared here. Where available, we’ve linked the lawyers’ firm websites for those seeking to engage their services or learn more about their fields of expertise.

Natalia Gaviria

Natalia Gaviria is a lawyer whose deep understanding and extended knowledge at CMM Abogados has seen her rise quickly up through the ranks. Known for her profound understanding of the business, she makes clients feel as if they are in very safe hands.

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David Arce Rojas

Founding partner at Arce Rojas Consultores & Cia S.A., David Arce Rojas comes highly recommended in the industry specifically for his experience with urban planning and regulatory real estate mandates.

José Ramón Ramírez-Castaño

José Ramón Ramírez-Castaño, a respected and experienced lawyer in the real estate field, has maintained his position for another year at Ramírez & Cardona Abogados. Unfortunately, the firm does not have an official website.

Fernando Trebilcock Barvo

Fernando Trebilcock Barvo, a sole practitioner, is recognised for his extensive experience with urban regulation and licensing matters, positioning him as a go-to for professional advice in the real estate sphere. Unfortunately, he does not have an official website.

Juan Manuel González Garavito

As the Department co-head at Pinilla, González & Prieto, Juan Manuel González Garavito is well-respected for his dedication, extensive knowledge, and years spent mastering the real estate and urban law sectors.

Natalia Hernández Hidalgo

Natalia Hernández Hidalgo of Allpa Legal is a solid practitioner known for her professional and efficient approach to Colombian real estate matters.

Carlos Fernando Henao Moreno

Partner at Uribe Henao Abogados, Carlos Fernando Henao Moreno is recognised for his top-quality service and is often recommended by his colleague. His firm’s website is here.

María Camila Parra Cortés

Marketed observers recommended associate María Camila Parra Cortés at Gómez-Pinzón, particularly for her experience and diligence with urban planning and real estate mandates.

Alejandro Turbay

Alejandro Turbay, receiving much praise from market commentators, is recognised for his knowledge and outstanding level of service at Posse Herrera Ruiz.

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Patricia Acosta Rojas

Patricia Acosta Rojas, a partner at CMM Abogados, is recognised for her incredible commitment and professional insight combined with her emotional intelligence, establishing a balanced and effective approach to her dealings.

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