Top 10 Most Influential Paraná Business Lawyers in Brazil for 2023

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Business law plays a significant role in shaping both the domestic and international business environment by providing a regulatory framework for modern businesses. In the Brazilian state of Paraná, this is particularly evident. In this article, we’ll be examining the influential work of some of highly esteemed lawyers active in the field of General Business Law in Paraná. These legal practitioners have helped to shape the business landscape through their work on various cases and legal matters.

This diverse group of legal professionals bring years of rich experience and knowledge in their respective fields, handling a wide range of issues from tax litigation to corporate deals, arbitration proceedings, and much more. Each lawyer listed below stands out not only for their legal prowess but also for their contributions to the legal community and the industries they serve.

We have taken into account their client feedback, peer recognition, and recent notable achievements in their areas of specialisation. Now, let’s take a look at these illustrious lawyers in Paraná:

Juliana Lopes – Gaia Silva Gaede Advogados

Gaia Silva Gaede Advogados‘s Juliana Lopes is a key figure in the firm’s corporate department, regularly dealing with non-contentious matters such as data protection law, compliance, tax and regulatory areas. Recently promoted to partnership, Juliana is making waves in General Business Law in Paraná.

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Eduardo Talamini – Justen, Pereira, Oliveira & Talamini

Eduardo Talamini, a top-tier partner at Justen, Pereira, Oliveira & Talamini, is highly sought after by clients from an assortment of sectors, including public transportation, real estate, telecommunication, technology, and energy. His technical knowledge and expertise in public law complex discussions have been acknowledged and praised by his peers and clients alike.

Tarcísio Araújo Kroetz – Hapner Kroetz Advogados

Hapner Kroetz Advogados‘s name partner, Tarcísio Araújo Kroetz, is recognised for his involvement in high complexity disputes including arbitration proceedings, tax and agreements discussions. A “really good” lawyer, Kroetz comes highly recommended, particularly for high-profile cases.

James José Marins de Souza – Marins Bertoldi Advogados Associados

Name partner at Marins Bertoldi Advogados Associados, James José Marins de Souza, is renowned for his proficiency in tax law mandates. His future-oriented approach and visionary mindset set him apart in the field of General Business Law.

Carlos Eduardo Hapner – Hapner Kroetz Advogados

Founding partner of Hapner Kroetz Advogados, Carlos Eduardo Hapner, has a strong reputation in the litigation field. His scope of work includes managing sophisticated contentious matters like arbitration, judicial reorganisation and administrative proceedings before the Brazilian Accounting Office.

Luiz Fernando Casagrande Pereira – Vernalha Pereira

Luiz Fernando Casagrande Pereira is recognised for his wide range of skills, from handling damage compensation, collection of debt to arbitration proceedings. His extraordinary business acumen hasn’t gone unnoticed by his peers, earning him a strong reputation in the legal market.

Fábio Tokars – Fábio Tokars Advocacia Corporativa

Fábio Tokars Advocacia Corporativa‘s name partner, Fábio Tokars, covers an impressive array of legal services, including M&A proceedings, drafting of stock options, and tax and real estate discussions. With a strong reputation, Fábio Tokars is recognised as an exceptional practitioner in the Paraná legal market.

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Izabela Rücker Curi – Rücker Curi Advocacia e Consultoria

Praised for her seriousness, responsibility, organisation, and tenacity, Rücker Curi Advocacia e Consultoria‘s Izabela Rücker Curi is regularly retained by insurance companies and is acknowledged for her expertise in data protection matters.

Marcelo Bertoldi – Marins Bertoldi Advogados Associados

With a solid reputation as a seasoned practitioner, Marins Bertoldi Advogados Associados‘s Marcelo Bertoldi is known for handling sophisticated and high-value corporate deals as well as complex litigation mandates. A respected professional, Bertoldi brings a wealth of experience to the field of General Business Law.

Heloísa Guarita Souza – Prolik Advogados

Heloísa Guarita Souza from Prolik Advogados is known for representing clients in high complexity tax litigation matters, especially in the administrative sphere. Her expertise, experience, and ability to provide critical analysis and prepare defences have been lauded by clients, making her a sought after practitioner in Paraná.

In conclusion, each of these lawyers has made significant contributions to the field of business law in Paraná. Whether through public discussion, litigation or offering specific advisory services in corporate matters, these professionals have influenced the business environment in their own unique ways.

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