Top 10 Most Influential Oregon Real Estate Zoning & Land Use Lawyers in 2023

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In the world of real estate, few aspects matter more than zoning and land use. Understanding how property can legally be developed and utilized is essential for both developers and municipal governments, and the lawyers who specialize in this field play a crucial role in shaping our built environment. In Oregon, a host of legal professionals have made a name for themselves as experts in zoning and land use matters, standing out for their deep knowledge, experience, and dedication to their field. Familiarize yourself with some of these top professionals in Oregon real estate zoning and land use law.

Whether you’re a developer seeking to navigate zoning laws for a new project, a homeowner curious about how your property can be used, or a civic leader seeking advice on shaping your community’s land use regulations, consulting a seasoned legal professional is essential. These Oregon lawyers stand out as some of the most esteemed practitioners in their field, consistently earning praise from clients and peers alike for their expertise and dedication.

Below, we profile the legal experts in Oregon who’ve carved out a niche in the realm of zoning and land use law. As you read about their practices and accolades, you’ll learn why they’re sought out for some of the most complex and significant real estate projects in the state.

Bill Kabeiseman

Bill Kabeiseman of Bateman Seidel Miner Blomgren Chellis & Gram, P.C. has earned recognition for his practice in zoning and land use matters. He is particularly respected for his work on government and municipal matters.

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James Howsley

James Howsley of Jordan Ramis PC is known for his expert knowledge in zoning and land use and his experience advising on environmental issues. Numerous sources appreciate his ability to see solutions to complex problems and his awareness of local and state-level issues.

Sarah Stauffer Curtiss

Noted for her diverse expertise in zoning and land use, Sarah Stauffer Curtiss of Stoel Rives LLP is particularly well-regarded in the mining and energy sectors, receiving high praise for delivering top-quality service within tight project timelines.

Gregory S Hathaway

With an extensive career spanning four decades, Gregory Hathaway of Hathaway Larson LLP is highly respected in the land use and zoning fields. His professionalism and in-depth experience make him a standout pick in this industry.

Elaine Albrich

Elaine Albrich of Davis Wright Tremaine LLP is held in high esteem for her insight into land use, zoning, and permitting issues. She is also recognized for her specialty in renewable energy and environmental sectors.

Steven L Pfeiffer

Steven Pfeiffer, formerly of Perkins Coie LLP, has a wide-ranging land use and zoning practice that spans over four decades. His expertise is highly sought after for advice on complex matters.

Kelly Hossaini

Kelly Hossaini of Miller Nash LLP is a respected land use attorney, particularly when it comes to issues concerning permitting and land use entitlements.

Christen White

Termed as one of the leading land use and zoning attorneys in Oregon, Christen White excels in entitlement, development, and permitting work. Her knowledge and creative approach are greatly appreciated by her clients.

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Carrie Richter

Another remarkable attorney from Bateman Seidel Miner Blomgren Chellis & Gram, P.C., Carrie Richter is known for her strong practice in land use and zoning law and is respected amongst her peers.

Mark Bartholomew

Mark Bartholomew from Hornecker Cowling is recognized for his excellent zoning and land use practice in Southern Oregon. His contribution in this field is positively spoken about by his clients and mates.

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