Top 10 Most Influential North East Brazilian Tax Lawyers in 2023

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The world of tax law is ever-evolving and demands a specific set of knowledge and skillset. This is particularly true for those working in the North East region of Brazil, where the tax landscape can be as diverse and complex as the country itself. Today, we delve into the careers and accomplishments of noted lawyers in this field. Each has made significant contributions to their firms and clients, handling a range of different tax mandates and carving out a reputation for excellence in their respective areas.

In a country known for its bureaucratic complexity, especially when it comes to taxes, having a strong legal counsel can be crucial for both businesses and individuals alike. The lawyers we’re showcasing today not only excel in their comprehension and navigation of Brazil’s tax laws, but also show a remarkable dedication to their clients. They resolve disputes, put mechanisms in place to prevent potential future issues and overall, aim to optimise tax situations for the betterment of their clients’ financial health.

In light of their contributions and expertise, we have brought together, in alphabetical order, profiles on some of the most distinguished tax lawyers servicing North East Brazil. They represent various law firms, each with their own unique strengths and specialities. From those honing their skills in courtrooms to those advising companies behind the scenes, this list reflects the wide scope of talent available in the Brazilian northeast legal sector when it comes to tax law.

Alexandre de Araújo Albuquerque

As a partner at the Ivo Barboza & Advogados Associados, Alexandre de Araújo Albuquerque is a key player in handling the firm’s tax mandates in the North East region. Recognised as a figure of authority in the area, he is reputed for his command over tax-related topics.

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Leonardo Nuñez Campos

Working with Cruz Campos Lobo Advogados, Leonardo Nuñez Campos has gained a reputation for his dedication to understanding and resolving client’s tax cases. Applauded for the depth to which he delves into each case, he consistently offers high-quality solutions.

Diego Bomfim

As head of the department at Bomfim Novis Advogados, Diego Bomfim showcases broad experience handling tasks such as tax litigation and administrative proceedings. Recognised by clients for his professional commitment, he is held in high regard.

Walter Manzi

Renowned tax practitioner Walter Manzi operates from Batista, Fazio, Manzi & Milet Advogados. With a reputation for excellence in tax matters, Manzi has been praised for his proficiency in both litigation and consulting.

Phelippe Falbo Di Cavalcanti Mello

Phelippe Falbo Di Cavalcanti Mello, who forms an integral part of Di Cavalcanti Advogados, is commended for his dedication to handling the firm’s tax cases. His intimate understanding of his clients’ business structure sets him apart and ensures excellent results.

Alexandre José Gois Lima de Victor

At Urbano Vitalino Advogados, Alexandre José Gois Lima de Victor heads the tax team and ensures a high level of professionalism in dealing with tax matters, earning him good reviews from market observers.

Ricardo Varejão

Ricardo Varejão, working at Queiroz Cavalcanti Advocacia, is respected for handling a variety of tax work. His academic prowess and reliability make him a valuable partner to his clients.

Marcelo Nesser Nogueira Reis

Operating from Nogueira Reis Advogados, Marcelo Nesser Nogueira Reis offers consultation on tax law and represents a range of clients in litigation disputes.

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Marcos Pires

Marcos Pires aligns with PPF Advocacia and skilfully handles high-stake tax matters. Praised for his team leadership and capacity to assist clients, he is a rising star in the industry.

Taciana Bradley

Heading the department at Mello Pimentel Advocacia, Taciana Bradley is well-regarded for handling intricate administrative proceedings and tax litigation. Noted for her competency and reputation, she consistently delivers high-level performance.

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