Top 10 Most Influential Mexican Labour & Employment Lawyers in 2023

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The field of Labour & Employment Law can be complex and nuanced, requiring not only a thorough understanding of the law, but also a grasp on the intricacies of the business world. Within the Mexican context, this practice area is marked by its own unique challenges and opportunities. As such, there are a number of highly competent practitioners whose expertise, skill, and dedication distinguish them within their field. The following is a look at some of the most notable labour and employment lawyers in Mexico.

These lawyers have made exemplary contributions to their field. Their combined years of experience and in-depth knowledge of both Mexican and international labour and employment laws provide a unique perspective, making them an invaluable resource for businesses across the country. From labour litigation, collective bargaining, to advisory mandates and much more, these lawyers have demonstrated their commitment to upholding the rights of both employers and employees.

The insights that they offer are not just confined to the theoretical understanding of the law. These practitioners have a keen understanding of the corporate world, ensuring they offer advice that is not only legally compliant but also strategical, taking into consideration the unique needs and constraints of different businesses. Their practices, while firmly grounded in law, transcend the confines of the legal realm, blending in aspects of consultancy and strategy to offer a holistic approach to tackling labour and employment issues.

Juan Tejedo Moreira

As an established lawyer at García Mingo & Tejedo Abogados, Juan Tejedo Moreira specializes in labour and employment law. Clients have praised his dedication and responsiveness to their labour-related concerns.

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Octavio Novaro Holguín

Based in Mexico City, Octavio Novaro Holguín is a partner at Deloitte Legal. Known for his expertise in individual and collective labour matters, clients laud his exceptional service and valuable advice.

Carlos Ferrán Martínez Carrillo

As an up-and-coming partner at Ferran Martínez Abogados, Carlos Ferrán Martínez Carrillo excels in areas of collective bargaining, labour litigation, and advisory mandates. Clients appreciate his practical approach and outstanding leadership skills.

Hugo Italo Morales Saldaña

As the head of Hugo Italo y Asociados, Hugo Italo Morales Saldaña has built an impeccable reputation over his long-standing career. Recognized by his peers for his superior expertise in the field, he is an industry leader well-known for his comprehensive and consistent legal support.

Julio Flores Luna

Senior practitioner Julio Flores Luna of Goodrich Riquelme y Asociados, is renowned among legal commentators. His expertise in social security matters and active participation in the field are noted by his peers.

Claudio Jimenez De Leon

Partner at Mijares, Angoitia, Cortés y Fuentes, Claudio Jimenez De Leon receives high praise for his work in collective labour matters. Known for being a trustworthy advisor, he continually impresses with his proactive collaboration and up-to-date expertise.

Tomás Natividad Sánchez

Seasoned labour litigator Tomás Natividad Sánchez heads the labour and employment practice at Natividad Abogados. Commended by peers for his remarkable skill and prowess, Sánchez leads a formidable team that dominates the local scene.

Javier Canseco

Querétaro-based partner Javier Canseco of EC Rubio is highly sought-after in the fields of individual litigation, collective bargaining, and restructuring of employment relations. His deep understanding of labour law, sound judgement, tact, and exceptional communication skills have left a profound impression on his clients.

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Hugo Hernández-Ojeda Alvírez

As a partner at Hogan Lovells, Hugo Hernández-Ojeda Alvírez maintains a broad practice with strengths in fields such as employment restructuring, collective bargaining, and labour disputes. He is highly recommended by clients and market observers alike for his high standards and robust professionalism.

Julio Alvarez

Up-and-coming partner Julio Alvarez at Creel, García-Cuéllar, Aiza y Enríquez, S.C. is lauded for his expertise in employment law. Known for his practical approach, in-depth knowledge, and open-mindedness, Alvarez has repeatedly proved to be a reliable and personable legal adviser.

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