Top 10 Most Influential Mediator Lawyers in USA – A Nationwide Overview

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Across the country, lawyers specializing in mediation are making significant strides in their field, negotiating and resolving disputes with a degree of sophistication and skill that sets them apart. The practice of mediation is now key in a variety of industries including intellectual property, business contract disputes, bankruptcy, healthcare, and finance. For our readership’s benefit, we invite you to explore the work of these top mediator lawyers in the USA.

Mediator lawyers play the vital role of facilitating communication and negotiation between disputing parties, aiming to find a solution satisfactory to both sides. They have a delicate task, dealing with often complex and contentious situations. These highlighted professionals have a wealth of experience and bring efficiency, knowledge, and robust problem-solving capacities to bear in their roles.

Whether you require legal expertise in commercial disputes, contract claims, or a host of other issues affecting businesses today, these nationwide attorneys are making impressive strides in bringing about effective and efficient resolutions. Here, we delve into their careers, expertise, and the reasons for their distinction.

Jack Waddey

Based at Holland & Knight LLP, Jack Waddey is widely respected for his ability to tackle intellectual property cases with an impressive depth of expertise. Known for his command of even the most complex subject matter, Waddey’s advice and insight are invaluable in settlement considerations.

C Edward Dobbs

Operating from Parker, Hudson, Rainer & Dobbs LLP, C Edward Dobbs specializes in mediating business contract disputes, bankruptcy-related cases, and product liability claims. He is lauded for his knowledge, thoughtful approach, and capacity to achieve exceptional results.

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Anthony M DiLeo

Anthony DiLeo, of Anthony M DiLeo, A Professional Corporation, deals with a broad range of disputes, including fraud and breach of contract claims. Known for his extraordinary intelligence, DiLeo is a trusted name in the field of mediation.

Diane Welsh

Working with JAMS, based in Philadelphia, Diane Welsh is a specialist in mediating multi-party disputes. Her areas of focus span commercial, employment, mass torts, and insurance. Welsh is regarded for her ability to grasp the facts and dynamics quickly and forge settlements in even the most challenging cases. Visit her firm’s web page here.

Eric D Green

Eric Green, from Resolutions LLC, routinely mediates a broad range of commercial and finance-related lawsuits, including securities, antitrust, and product liability disputes, amongst others.

Rebecca Westerfield

Based in San Francisco, Rebecca Westerfield delivers results by addressing complex disputes efficiently. With experience in the mediation of personal liability, employment, and fraudulent financial conduct issues, she comes highly recommended from JAMS.

Robert Fairbank

Based in Los Angeles, Robert Fairbank, of Fairbank ADR, is renowned for his diligence, depth of understanding, and commitment in dispute resolution. His area of expertise includes intellectual property, contract disputes, and licensing agreements. Visit his firm’s website here.

Deborah Reperowitz

Deborah Reperowitz chairs the bankruptcy, workouts, and creditors’ rights group at Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young LLP. Her mediation skills in complex business disputes is a testament to her commitment and conscientiousness.

Christopher Nolland

Dallas-based Christopher Nolland is an effective mediator of commercial disputes, including bankruptcy and trade secrets cases. He operates out of the Offices of Christopher Nolland.

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Gary McGowan

Finally, Gary McGowan, of McGowan ADR, is highly regarded in the field of mediation, especially in disputes related to energy, securities, and intellectual property. His critical thinking and trusted reputation make him a favored choice for high-stakes mediations.

In conclusion, these distinguished mediator lawyers are shaping the field through their dedicated work, achieving effective resolution and contributing to the growth and development of their respective areas of expertise. When it comes to mediation, these professionals are setting standards and establishing best practices nationwide.

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