Top 10 Most Influential Insurance Lawyers in China’s PRC Firms 2023

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In recent years, the robust growth of the insurance industry in China has presented both opportunities and challenges. With increasing regulatory complexity and evolving legal landscapes, the role of lawyers who specialize in insurance law has become increasingly important. In this article, we spotlight ten of the most intriguing insurance lawyers from PRC firms, known for their expertise and contributions to the industry. These experienced professionals serve as important advocates and guides for insurance firms navigating through legal complexities.

Each of these lawyers brings their own unique skills and perspectives, shaping the way that insurance law is practised in China. They are actively involved in diverse areas of insurance litigation, dispute resolution, M&A transactions, and insurance product compliance, among others. Furthermore, they are engaged in advising leading insurance firms and managing significant insurance transactions.

Here, we introduce these highly-skilled lawyers, offering insight into their individual expertise and contributions to the field of insurance law in China.

Paul Zhou

As the head of insurance department at SGLA Law Firm, Paul Zhou is recognized for his vast experience handling claims for insurers. He also specializes in advising clients on capital raising and insurance product development. By using his extensive knowledge and experience, Paul has elevated the practice in his fields of expertise.

Zaizai Huang

At Tian Yuan Law Firm, Huang Zaizai Co-heads the insurance department. He is retained by well-known insurance firms to navigate complex transactions such as M&A and insurance institution establishment. His skills also extend to litigation related to insurance.

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Ronghua (Leslie) Shen

Leslie Shen of SGLA Law Firm manages a broad practice covering insurance law, international trade and shipping law. He is particularly recommended for his ability to deal with insurances disputes, showcasing his strength in negotiation and conflict resolution.

Zhenghua Wang

Wang Zhenghua from DeHeng Law Offices is a seasoned insurance lawyer who is highly sought-after by leading insurance companies. He is proficient in handling contentious matters, as well as non-contentious issues like insurance product compliance and debt investment plans.

Elsie Shi

Elsie Shi of Jincheng Tongda & Neal Law Firm is frequently engaged by renowned insurance companies for her expertise in transactions, including joint venture formation and M&A. Elsie co-leads the insurance practice at her firm.

Fubin Xiang

Xiang Fubin actively handles insurance mandates at W&H Law Firm’s Shanghai office. He skilfully guides insurance and asset management clients through M&A investment matters.

Liang Deng

Deng Liang of JunHe LLP is a transactional and corporate law specialist with a broad financial services practice, especially for insurance sector clients. She leads JunHe’s insurance department, demonstrating her leadership and depth of expertise.

Zhengming Li

Zhonglun W&D Law Firm’s Li Zhengming has comprehensive experience primarily serving life insurance companies. His expertise lies in transactional matters, including NEEQ listings and equity transfers. You can learn more about his work at Zhonglun W&D Law Firm.

Hualiang Yu

At Jincheng Tongda & Neal Law Firm, George Yu co-leads the insurance practice and has a broad transactional practice including FDI and M&A for insurance sector clients. He is savvy in insurance-related market entry and subsidiary establishment matters.

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Yayun Sima

Sima Yayun of Beijing Docvit Law Firm is actively building her practice by advising on insurance fund and asset management matters. She is also proficient in assisting with M&A transactions.

In conclusion, the dedicated efforts of these professionals continuously shape the insurance law practice in China. Whether they are providing advice on transactions or handling disputes, these lawyers remain crucial to the swift and effective operation of the insurance industry in the country.

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