Top 10 Most Influential Insurance Lawyers in Arizona in 2023 Unveiled

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The realm of insurance law can be complicated, full of contrasts, and multifaceted nuances. From personal injury cases to commercial litigations, lawyers who specializes in insurance have a significant role in navigating legal waters for their clients. For those interested in this field or in need of representation, it’s crucial to identify competent and purposeful legal practitioners. In the vibrant Arizona legal landscape, a number of prominent lawyers have put their mark in insurance, showcasing expert skills and delivering superb service to their clients. This article will turn a light on some interesting insurance lawyers in Arizona, their firm affiliations, and their areas of specialization.

The Sun Belt state has a wealth of insurance law practitioners. Their varied industry experience and areas of focus offer diverse representation options for clients. The choice array of insurance lawyers the state has to offer is worth examining. From resolving conflicts of coverage disputes to advocating on policyholder’s behalf, they bring a wealth of knowledge to the table.

As you read through the profiles below, bear in mind that the final choice of legal representation should align with your specific needs, the complexity of your case, and the approach you prefer your lawyer to adopt. Now let’s dive into the profiles of some interesting insurance lawyers in Arizona.

John Wilborn

Operating under the banner of Surrano Law Offices PC, John Wilborn has built a sterling reputation in insurance claims and personal injury cases, along with expertise in commercial litigation. His industry knowledge and dedication make him a strong choice for clients in need of specialized legal expertise.

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Steven C Dawson

Without a dedicated firm website, Steven Dawson of Dawson & Rosenthal, PC still manages to stand out. His strong acumen in various insurance disputes is renowned, often representing policyholders in coverage disputes. Known as one of the top trial lawyers in the state, Dawson offers a robust representation for his clients.

Karin Scherner Aldama

Karin Scherner Aldama of Perkins Coie LLP is celebrated for her advice on coverage and policy disputes. Although the firm does not have a public website, Aldama’s excellent writing, comprehensive preparation and strong advocacy for her clients have earned her high commendations.

Donald Myles, Jr.

Housed at Jones, Skelton & Hochuli, Donald Myles is a seasoned practitioner in insurance law. His extensive experience spans coverage disputes, catastrophic injury, and wrongful death claims. Myles’ depth of knowledge affords him a unique vantage point in a multitude of matters.

Jon T Neumann

Building a commendable reputation at Greenberg Traurig, LLP, Jon T Neumann showcases his strengths in civil litigation, most notable in the healthcare industry, while also demonstrating his proficiency in insurance coverage.

Joshua Snell

Part of the Jones, Skelton & Hochuli team, Joshua Snell runs a comprehensive insurance practice. His regular assistance with coverage and bad faith disputes makes him a steadfast legal ally in the insurance industry.

Steve Bressler

At Lewis Roca, Steve Bressler stands as the go-to attorney for carriers facing a range of coverage claims. He brings a wealth of experience in the life, health, and disability lines, offering his clients a comprehensive understanding of these sectors.

Steven Plitt

Over at The Cavanagh Law Firm, Steven Plitt is noted for his skills in insurance coverage litigation. His ability to handle high-exposure disputes and bad faith cases makes him a preferred choice for clients, especially in jury trials.

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Steve Guy

With The Guy Law Firm PLLC, Steve Guy showcases his skills as an experienced plaintiff-side lawyer. His representation covers both individuals and businesses in various insurance disputes, including wrongful death and personal injury claims.

Carl Mariano

Carl Mariano of Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith boasts a diverse practice that includes wrongful death, injury, product liability and breach of contract claims. His expansive understanding of these areas ensures a thorough pursuit of justice for his clients.

In summary, insurance lawyers play a pivotal role in representing both individuals and businesses, providing expert advice, and demonstrating competence in their practice. Their specialized legal acumen is the backbone of successful case outcomes. Considering the mentioned lawyers for your insurance-related issues can be a crucial step in securing a fair and knowledgeable representation.

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