Top 10 Most Influential Healthcare Contentious Lawyers in Canada, 2023

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Canada’s legal landscape is diverse and dynamic, especially when it comes to contentious healthcare issues. These issues may range from medical malpractice cases to complex disputes arising from professional negligence. For individuals or corporations faced with such challenges, it is imperative to have formidable representation. In this light, we place focus on notable healthcare contentious lawyers operating Nationwide in Canada. These legal executives have demonstrated impressive aptitude in their work thus far. We will explore their backgrounds and areas of expertise, giving an insight into why they stand out in their field.

These lawyers come from prominent law firms with strong reputations in the industry. They specialise in various aspects of contentious healthcare, providing clients with a diverse range of legal solutions. This is crucial in a discipline as complex and dynamic as healthcare law. Ranging from individual practitioners to teams in larger firms, these lawyers showcase the best of what the sector has to offer.

With an in-depth awareness of both the law and the nuances of the healthcare sector, these lawyers provide personalised legal advice to navigate the complexities of medical disputes. Their broad understanding of the healthcare landscape, coupled with robust litigation skills, places them at the forefront of the field. Their expertise is drawn from their backgrounds and practical experience and they are lauded for the quality of service provided to their clients.

Christine J Glazer KC

Although Christine J Glazer KC of Mckercher LLP doesn’t maintain an official website, her wide-ranging prowess in legal matters is well-recognised. Christine’s litigation expertise includes medical malpractice cases, personal injury claims and administrative law. A seasoned practitioner, she is based in Saskatoon.

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Matthew Sammon

Matthew Sammon, of Lenczner Slaght, has built an impressive reputation for his strength as a counsel to both employers and plaintiffs in employment disputes. Based in Toronto, he deals chiefly with wrongful dismissal claims and breaches of contract. His peers hold him in high regard for his effectiveness and capability.

Erica Baron

Working out of McCarthy Tétrault LLP and based in Toronto, Erica Baron represents clients in complex healthcare disputes. She is particularly proficient in dealing with cases related to medical malpractice and professional negligence.

Daniel Boivin

Daniel Boivin based in Ottawa at Gowling WLG, is recognised for his adeptness in representing clients facing commercial litigation in healthcare. With vast experience, he provides top notch client service and measured legal analyses.

Adriana Cargnello

Also at Gowling WLG and based in Ottawa, Adriana Cargnello provides expert advise to clients on civil liability and regulatory matters. Her prompt and thoughtful approach to cases aids in building her rising profile within the field.

Frank McLaughlin

Frank McLaughlin, a seasoned lawyer at McCarthy Tétrault LLP specialises in litigation of medical malpractice and pharmaceutical product liability claims. He operates from Toronto and shows proficiency as a trial strategist.

Daphne Jarvis

Daphne Jarvis, based in Toronto at Borden Ladner Gervais LLP focuses her litigation practice on defending hospitals and healthcare institutions. She particularly handles cases linked to controversial issues like death certificates and ‘do not resuscitate’ instructions.

Robert Sheahan

Robert Sheahan, an Ottawa-based lawyer at Gowling WLG, defends physicians in malpractice lawsuits and also advises on disciplinary and misconduct matters. His exceptional knowledge in health law speaks volumes of his capabilities.

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François Baril

François Baril represents non-profit organisations and professional bodies in the healthcare sector. Based in Ottawa at Gowling WLG, his assistance spans from governance to civil litigation matters.

James J Heelan

James J Heelan of Bennett Jones LLP, is commended for his ability to offer representation to physicians facing allegations of medical malpractice and sexual misconduct. Based in Alberta, he also brings his expertise to handle corporate commercial litigation matters.

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