Top 10 Most Influential Global GC Lawyers to Watch in 2023

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Akin to the diversity of the world’s legal landscape is the striking versatility of GCs working at the forefront of international legal practices. From corporate acquisition to setting out legal strategies, these legal luminaries come with an impressive portfolio of achievements, making a mark in their respective industries. From financial institutions to innovative tech companies, these Most Influential GCs hold an incredible assortment of experiences and backgrounds, skillfully managing challenging regulatory environments across different countries at once.

In their vast roles, they not only have to align their company’s business strategy with compliance needs but also navigate through complex territorial jurisdictions. Their tenure is characterized by their finesse in handling intricate litigation, transactional, intellectual property, environmental, labor, and corporate governance matters around the globe.

This article recognises these leaders of the in-house bar, who exhibit strategic thinking, leadership proficiency, and visionary legal advice in their respective spheres. Allow us to introduce you to some of the Most Influential GCs globally.

Hartley Dikgale – Sibanye Gold

Delivering incisive legal counsel in the global mining industry is Hartley Dikgale of Sibanye Gold. Dikgale leverages his deep industry knowledge to lead his team in managing legal issues smoothly in a heavily regulated sector.

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Lucineia Possar – Banco do Brasil S.A.

Lucineia Possar serves as the legal torchbearer at Banco do Brasil S.A. Combining her financial legal expertise with business acumen, she is an exemplary legal advisor navigating the banking regulation maze with perfection.

Susanna Berger – KKR & Co

Up next is Susanna Berger from KKR & Co. Berger’s remarkable litigation skills and risk management approach play a key role in upholding KKR’s prestigious legacy in the finance world.

Kurt-Jörgen Olsson – Inter IKEA Centre Group A/S

Kurt-Jörgen Olsson, the legal sails of the Inter IKEA Centre Group A/S, is highly regarded for his proficient skills in resolving complex legal issues and leading the company towards safe and secure shores.

Nana Eshun – Africa Finance Corporation (AFC)

Nana Eshun plays a crucial role at African Finance Corporation (AFC). Her breadth of practice encompasses various legal fields, making her an indispensable asset to this multinational finance organization.

Alexander Lunshof – Essilor International SA

Alexander Lunshof of Essilor International SA holds a pivotal role in his organization where his adeptness in corporate governance and leadership skills set him prominently on the global legal stage.

Robert S Townsend – SoftBank Group Corp.

A well-established figure in the legal circles is Robert S Townsend of SoftBank Group Corp. Adept in managing series of deals, Townsend’s prowess in managing cross-border transactions puts him in a league of his own.

Michael H Ullmann – Johnson & Johnson

Leading the legal cohort of Johnson & Johnson, Michael H Ullmann illustrates deep standing in healthcare compliance and risk management. His patent litigation skills keep Johnson & Johnson at the forefront of the pharmaceutical industry.

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Friederike Rotsch – Merck KGaA

Heading the legal department of Merck KGaA, Friederike Rotsch stands as a monument of resilience. Her astute legal expertise has seen Merck KGaA through complex acquisitions, leading them to sustainable growth.

Hanna Cao Hui – Silk Road Fund Co., Ltd

The final figure in our list is Cao Hui of Silk Road Fund Co., Ltd. Hui’s contributions to the Silk Road Fund Co., Ltd, and her strong analytical skills in transactional law have significantly driven the organization’s growth in recent years.

This compilation of Most Influential GCs is a testament to the level of competence and commitment they have for their respective companies. Amidst the legal complexities of their industries, these professionals excel in their field and help shape the global business landscape.

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