Top 10 Most Influential General Commercial Litigation Lawyers in Maine 2023

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In the energetic landscape of commercial litigation, there are many accomplished and esteemed lawyers aiding clients with their complex needs. Some of these proficient litigators can be found in the picturesque state of Maine, making big strides and establishing a recognized name in the arena of law and justice. This article shines a spotlight on these prodigious lawyers, who consistently deliver measurable results and uphold their client’s interest in crucial cases.

These lawyers are extraordinarily skilled in their field, reflecting their years of trial experience, dedication, expertise, and their intense adaptability to varying scenarios. Distinguished in the legal industry for their exemplary work, they have mastered the art of navigating through intricate cases and achieving successful settlements. It doesn’t matter which branch of commercial litigation they specialize in; these professionals leave an indelible mark with their immense contributions.

Let’s learn more about these distinguished individuals and the impact they’ve had on the litigation scene in Maine. Through a detailed bio for each lawyer, we will delve into their work, specialties, and the recognition they’ve acquired in their career. Their undying commitment to deliver justice makes them stand out, securing the place as some of the finest legal practitioners in the state.

Melissa Hewey

Belonging to the esteemed firm Drummond Woodsum, Melissa Hewey is noted for her experience in employment litigation. She holds a forte in the education sector and is often regarded as an “incredible litigator.” Her dedication to client satisfaction is responsible for her vast and loyal clientele in Maine.

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Greg Hansel

Another stalwart in the field, Greg Hansel, works with Preti Flaherty Beliveau & Pachios, LLP. Known for being a competent trial lawyer, he specializes in intricate business litigation, making him popular amongst businesses facing complex issues.

James Poliquin

Renowned for his extraordinary competence in insurance coverage disputes, James Poliquin is associated with Norman, Hanson & DeTroy, LLC. One of his clients alluded to him as “probably the smartest person you’ll meet,” indicating his in-depth knowledge and proficiency.

A Robert Ruesch

Of Verrill Dana, LLP, Robert Ruesch frequently handles construction litigation. His expertise spans contract disputes and claims management, and he is widely acknowledged as one of the leading construction lawyers in Maine.

Daniel Murphy

A litigator of multifaceted cases, Daniel Murphy delivers justice with his firm Bernstein Shur. He handles disputes involving franchisors, vendors, and safety violations with utmost precision and expertise, cementing his reputation as a reliable litigator.

Neal F Pratt

Neal Pratt, associated with Pierce Atwood LLP, holds an illustrious career in civil litigation. Noted for his skill in trial and ADR proceedings, as well as administrative matters, his extensive experience lands him a prime spot in this list.

Gerald Petruccelli

With a wealth of trial experience to his credit, Gerald Petruccelli from Petruccelli Martin & Haddow LLP reigns supreme in matters of complex commercial cases. His years of dedication to law and justice mark him as an outstanding legal practitioner.

John S Whitman

As the director of Richardson, Whitman, Large & Badger, John Whitman has a reputation for excellence in litigation, particularly in the field of insurance defense.

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Jerrol A Crouter

Jerrol Crouter is part of Drummond Woodsum, distinguished for his mediation and arbitration experience. He holds the title as one of Maine’s top trial lawyers and leading mediators.

Gavin G. McCarthy

Working with Pierce Atwood LLP, Gavin McCarthy is applauded for his broad litigation practice, specializing in class-action defense. His insightful, strategic advice and representation of varied sectors including construction, insurance, and energy make him an exceptional litigator.

In conclusion, these General Commercial lawyers have carved a niche for themselves with their exceptional personal and professional qualities. They have added a new dimension to the legal landscape in Maine, and their commitment to their clients, along with their relentless pursuit of justice, is admirable and noteworthy.

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