Top 10 Most Influential GCs Lawyers in Canada for 2023 Unveiled

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In the rapidly changing world of law and business, General Counsels (GCs) play a crucial role for companies, providing guidance on strategic decision-making and navigating complex legal terrains. GCs in Canada, in particular, have soared to new heights in their spheres of influence, playing a pivotal role in shaping the business legal culture. This article showcases some of the most influential GCs in Canada and gives a brief overview of these highly respected industry leaders.

The law professionals highlighted in this article hail from diverse industries, from finance and investments to telecommunication and pension plans, demonstrating the broad range of sectors that benefit from the wisdom and expertise of GCs. Each of these eminent lawyers has carved out a niche for themselves in the landscape of corporate law in Canada and continue to impact their respective organisations greatly.

By having their pulse on the interplay between law and business, these GCs have shown strategic foresight and agility, contributing towards complex issues such as corporate governance, regulatory compliance, and transnational law affairs. The alignment between business needs and legal counsel they offer is instrumental in the company’s overall business operations, corporate strategic planning and compliance matters.

David Calabrigo KC

Canfor Corporation

David Calabrigo KC, serving as the General Counsel of Canfor Corporation, has made a noticeable impact in the industry. His expertise extends beyond the traditional legal role, influencing the business strategies of the corporation. He operates in a realm where legal acumen takes centre stage, steering the company through complicated legislative frameworks.

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Melissa Kennedy

Sun Life Financial, Inc

Melissa Kennedy is a key influence at Sun Life Financial, Inc. Her deep understanding of the intricacies of the Canadian legal environment, coupled with strategic thinking, is instrumental in the firm’s successful business navigation. Kennedy is a voice of influence and authority in the realm of business law in Canada.

Simon A Fish

BMO Financial Group (Bank of Montreal)

Simon A Fish of BMO Financial Group (Bank of Montreal) is renowned for his significant contribution to the business legal sector. Fish’s expertise and insights have driven the bank’s strategic direction, demonstrating his in-depth understanding of the interaction between law and business.

Jeff Davis

Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan (OTPP)

Jeff Davis of Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan (OTPP) works at the invaluable intersection of law, business, and public service. His role at OTPP has been pivotal in shaping the legal landscape of the pension industry within Canada, ultimately affecting countless lives through his influence in this field.

Justin B Beber

Brookfield Asset Management Inc.

Justin B Beber of Brookfield Asset Management Inc. brings a unique perspective to corporate law. His legal insights into asset management have made significant impacts at Brookefield. Beber continues to wield considerable sway in legal and strategic planning of the organization.

Andrea Wood

TELUS Corporation

Andrea Wood, serving at TELUS Corporation’s General Counsel, seamlessly merges law and business. Her role is instrumental in guiding TELUS through the complex legal landscape of telecommunication, placing her as a top influencer in Canadian business law.

Kim Thomassin

Kim Thomassin of Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (CDPQ) is a remarkable lawyer whose influence extends beyond her immediate firm’s boundaries. With no website link available, her significant contributions to business law have resonated deeply within the industry.

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Sharon C Geraghty

Sharon C Geraghty of Great West Lifeco Inc. has made significant contributions to the Canadian business legal landscape. Though no website link is available, her profound influence in this field speaks volumes.

Gordon Currie

George Weston Limited

Gordon Currie of George Weston Limited has garnered significant recognition in the industry as a business law influencer. Currie’s strategic vision in the legal sector has contributed to the success of George Weston Limited and the wider business community.

Patrice S. Walch-Watson

Patrice S. Walch-Watson of Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board is renowned for her keen understanding of pension law, making her a legal- and business-strategy influencer. Even without a firm website available, her work in the pension sector has made a substantial impact, and Pathrice continues to impress with her profound knowledge in the field.

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