Top 10 Most Influential French Planning Lawyers of 2023 Unveiled

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In the realm of urban and city planning, lawyers play a pivotal role in shaping the future. They navigate through policy, legislation, and contracts involving land use, environmental regulations and building development. France boasts a diverse array of talented planning lawyers, each of them carving out a niche in the industry. They work to ensure that urban evolution happens within the confines of the law, while also catering to the needs of citizens, developers and policy makers. Here, we shine a spotlight on some noteworthy planning lawyers in France, delineating their expertise and contributions in the sector.

These lawyers navigate the complicated webs of urban planning authorisations, building permits, planning disputes, and regulatory requirements. They serve as an essential link between private clients, public entities and regulatory bodies, offering invaluable legal counsel on all matters related to urban planning and development. In a rapidly urbanising world, the contributions of planning lawyers towards creating inclusive, sustainable and legally compliant urban landscapes are increasingly widely recognised.

The following is a list of some of the distinguished planning lawyers in France, whose contributions to their field deserve applause. Their profiles encompass a wide range of expertise, reflecting the multifaceted nature of the planning industry. Learn more about their profiles and view their respective firm’s websites for further insight into their work and achievements.

Vincent Guinot

Company: Lacourte Raquin Tatar

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Industry: Planning

Specialising in urban planning authorisations, related audits, town planning regulations, building permits and planning disputes, Vincent Guinot is a highly regarded practitioner within his industry.

Hélène Cloëz

Company: LPA-CGR avocats

Industry: Planning

Hélène Cloëz’s expertise spans a wide range of planning mandates. She is frequently involved in town planning, permitting issues, planning authorisation and planning mandate disputes.

Patrick Durand

Company: Frêche & Associés

Industry: Planning

Patrick Durand offers advisory services on planning project scheduling, development, permitting and regulatory requirements.

Annie Tirard-Rouxel

Company: Tirard & Associés

Industry: Planning

Annie Tirard-Rouxel has seen a rise in market recognition, leading to her inclusion in this year’s rankings. Her specialty lies in expertly managing urban planning mandates.

Laura Ceccarelli-Le Guen

Company: DS Avocats

Industry: Planning

Known for her work with public entities and private clients, Laura Ceccarelli-Le Guen aids with permitting, planning authorisation proceedings and urban planning compliance.

Nathalie Baillon

Company: Enjea Avocats

Industry: Planning

With noted experience in planning matters, Nathalie Baillon specialises in urban and environmental regulations.

Laetitia Santoni

Company: FIDAL

Industry: Planning

Laetitia Santoni is known for advising clients on a wide range of urban planning matters.

Elsa Sacksick

Company: AdDen Avocats

Industry: Planning

Elsa Sacksick advises real estate investment funds and companies on urban planning matters concerning commercial development projects. She also works on permitting and regulatory proceedings, and assists public institutions with planning mandates.

Florence Chérel

Company: CMS

Industry: Planning

Florence Chérel’s practice spans permitting mandates, planning permission amendments, planning-related litigation and land issues.

Emmanuel Vital-Durand

Company: Gide Loyrette Nouel

Industry: Planning

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Widely respected in the industry, Emmanuel Vital-Durand advises on town and urban planning issues, planning authorisations and related litigations.

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