Top 10 Most Influential Dispute Resolution Lawyers in Jersey – 2023

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In the legal realm of dispute resolution, the small island of Jersey – a British Crown Dependency off the French coast, has a noteworthy pool of experts well versed in settling cases out of the courtroom. Known for their professionalism and in-depth knowledge of commercial litigation, these advocates offer their insights to clients around the globe on a plethora of matters – ranging from trust and asset recovery, tax issues, insolvency proceedings and more. This elite coterie includes noteworthy professionals from prestigious law firms in Jersey.

This roster of legal professionals is incessantly hard at work, navigating through complex legal issues, contemplating valuable defense mechanisms and representing clients in the courtroom when need arises. Their expertise is unparalleled, and their reputation precedes them in the corridors of justice. Offering a sneak peek into the illustrious professional journeys of these advocates, our forthcoming coverage bestows focus on their credentials and feats.

Defining their luminous legal careers are paths ‘less traveled’, keen intellect, tireless dedication, and meticulous performance delivery, which collectively convene to spill assured success. The forthcoming narrative highlights interesting aspects of remarkable Dispute Resolution lawyers in Jersey.

James Dickinson

With Dickinson Gleeson at his helm, James Dickinson stands out with his broad commercial practice. James is acclaimed for his expertise, assisting clients with contentious trust and asset recovery cases efficiently.

Michael O’Connell

Michael O’Connell, a distinguished name at Ardent Chambers, lacks a website but surely doesn’t lack in reputation. His versatility in commercial litigation has captivated clients who rely on his advice on an array of disputes.

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Robert Gardner

Robert Gardner from Bedell Cristin masters commercial litigation at an unprecedented level. Financial services companies, trustees, and beneficiaries are amongst his clientele who value his expertise, especially in trust and insolvency proceedings.

David Cadin

David Cadin, a managing partner at Bedell Cristin’s Jersey office, is a trusted name for trusts and individuals dealing with complex financial cases. Visit here to understand the depth of his proficiency.

Edward Mackereth

Serving as Ogier’s global managing partner, Edward Mackereth shines in his role, specifically regarding contentious trust matters that are well-addressed by his expertise.

Justin Harvey-Hills

Justin Harvey-Hills, a key figure at Mourant, operates his broad commercial practice with absolute dedication. His expertise in high-value trusts and tax matters is genuinely valued by clients.

Dan Boxall

Dan Boxall with Collas Crill demonstrates his legal prowess by assisting clients with trust litigation as well as commercial disputes.

Jared Dann

Jared Dann of Appleby, offers sage counsel to trustees, beneficiaries and other parties interested in contentious trust matters, including breach of fiduciary duty and asset tracing claims.

William Redgrave

William Redgrave at Baker & Partners advises on corporate and commercial disputes, taking up cases for trust companies, high net worth individuals and company executives. He has also defended public bodies in judicial reviews.

Marc Seddon

Marc Seddon of Walkers is recommended due to his established dispute resolution practice, where he addresses a range of matters including trust litigation.

These Dispute Resolution Lawyers in Jersey town are firm in their belief that the law is not just there to resolve disputes for those who can afford it. They fervently advocate the agility and intelligence of their city high on pragmatic negotiation, litigation acumen, and a deep understanding of local and international law. In this age of globalization, these experts stand as proud representatives of Jersey’s legal know-how, consistently delivering impeccable client service.

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