Top 10 Most Influential Crime Lawyers in North Eastern Bar 2023

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The crime sector of the North Eastern Bar is home to a truly remarkable array of top-tier legal professionals. These individuals are considered some of the best in the country when it comes to legal proceedings involving crime, from defense to prosecution. They have honed their talents in their respective fields, successfully navigating cases pertaining to homicide, sexual offenses, and various forms of serious criminal activity. With their hard-earned reputations and proven records, they’re blazing a trail and setting new standards for legal excellence.

When looking at the top lawyers in this area, we see a group of individuals who constantly push the boundaries of legal practice. They aren’t just skilled in the craft of law, but they’re also seasoned leaders and innovative thinkers. Each individual mentioned here is an embodiment of the qualities that can be found in the North Eastern Bar. Let’s delve into the lives and careers of these distinguished professionals, and understand why they are making significant strides in the legal industry.

We will shine a light on ten exemplary crime lawyers within the North Eastern Bar. Each lawyer is uniquely skilled in their practice, which spans a wide array of different crime sub-sectors. So, without further ado, let’s delve into the lives and careers of these remarkable professionals.

Christopher Tehrani KC

As a highly accomplished lawyer at Exchange Chambers, Christopher Tehrani KC stands out for his considerable prowess in tackling homicide cases, particularly those that involve non-accidental head injuries. Whether tasked with prosecution or defense, his expertise is undeniable.

Katherine L Goddard KC

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Katherine L Goddard KC, a stalwart at Bank House Chambers, has a rich vein of expertise in serious sexual offenses, which frequently involve complex medical and forensic evidence. A Grade 4 prosecutor, Katherine is often commissioned by the CPS to initiate prosecutions in the Crown Court and Court of Appeal.

Jamie Hill KC

Operating out of Fountain Chambers, Jamie Hill KC has gained a reputation for his ability to maintain composure and provide robust leadership in distressing cases. Equally proficient in defense and prosecution, Hill has routinely been involved in high-profile and serious criminal matters.

Stephen Wood KC

Stephen Wood KC of Broadway House is a highly respected practitioner experienced in both defense and prosecution. His portfolio includes handling severe criminal cases, including murder and sexual offenses. Additionally, he is a Grade 4 prosecutor known to make appearances in the Crown Court and the Court of Appeal.

Mark D McKone KC

Mark D McKone KC of Park Square Barristers receives compliments for his skillful advocacy for both the prosecution and defense. His range of expertise is diverse yet remains focused on significant matters such as serious sexual assaults and rape.

Robert Woodcock KC

Robert Woodcock KC, a luminary at New Park Court Chambers, is lauded for his specialism in homicide cases. Regularly seen in the North Eastern Circuit and before the Old Bailey, Woodcock represents clients in cases across the spectrum of criminal law.

Richard Thyne KC

Richard Thyne KC, a new silk at St John’s Buildings, has started defending and prosecuting complex crimes such as homicides, drug trafficking, firearms offenses, and road traffic collisions cases.

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Paul Greaney KC

At New Park Court Chambers, Paul Greaney KC stands out for his notable presence in the inquiries and inquests sphere. He is typically instructed to lead major investigations as counsel for the inquiry by coroners or the government. His specialties include police conduct and operations, and compliance with health and safety law.

David Brooke KC

David Brooke KC, an exemplar at KBW, boasts a rich experience in handling severe criminal cases about sexual offenses, homicide, and organized crime. He is particularly adept at handling complex, multi-handed trials and has significant expertise in regulatory cases, including health and safety matters.

Nicholas Lumley KC

Nicholas Lumley KC, out of New Park Court Chambers, regularly handles severe criminal cases like homicide, rape, and drugs and is particularly experienced in medico-legal matters. Lumley is open for instruction on a private basis, further highlighting his dedication and commitment to his clients.

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