Top 10 Most Influential Competition Law Lawyers in Portugal 2023

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With its increasingly diversified economy and membership in the European Union, Portugal remains an attractive destination for international organisations. The complex nature of Competition/European Law calls for legal experts who can navigate the changing landscape, advising on key issues such as merger clearance, corporate compliance, state aid and behavioural investigations. The Portuguese law sector boasts a wealth of such professionals, who are renowned for their expertise and dedication to their profession.

As businesses continue to grow and operate within increasingly interconnected markets, the demand for lawyers who specialise in Competition/European Law is on the rise. These legal experts work on high-stakes cases, engaging in detailed investigations and advocacy work. Their role is central to ensuring fair competition and the continued growth of a healthy economy.

BusinessToday is proud to profile several of Portugal’s leading lawyers in this space. Using our extensive network of contacts and thorough industry research, we have compiled a list of distinguished lawyers operating within Competition/European Law in Portugal. Learn about their achievements, areas of expertise, and the firms where they practice.

Miguel Mendes Pereira

Firm: DLA Piper ABBC
As a part of DLA Piper ABBC, Miguel Mendes Pereira manages a broad competition law practice, assisting clients with merger clearance mandates, behavioural investigations, and follow-on damages claims. He also advises on competition compliance matters, including distribution agreements and state aid issues.

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Sara Estima Martins

Firm: SRS Legal
Sara Estima Martins is known for her defense of clients in PCA investigations, and her representation in challenges to fines. She also carries experience in matters of state aid.

Inês Sequeira Mendes

Firm: Abreu Advogados
Inês Sequeira Mendes, the managing partner at Abreu Advogados, frequently assists clients in obtaining competition law clearance for corporate transactions.

Miguel Pena Machete

Firm: Cuatrecasas
Miguel Pena Machete specializes in handling merger control filings, cartel investigations, and abuse of dominance cases. He joined Cuatrecasas following the integration of Serra Lopes, Cortes Martins & Associados into the firm in January 2023.

Ricardo Oliveira

Firm: PLMJ
Ricardo Oliveira is renowned for defending clients in several high-profile follow-on damages actions. His contentious practice also includes representing clients in behavioural investigations and judicial appeals against PCA decisions. Oliveira also offers experience in merger clearance and state aid mandates.

Nuno Ruiz

Firm: VdA
Nuno Ruiz is highly respected for his vast experience in competition law investigations and state aid issues.

Eduardo Maia Cadete

Firm: Morais Leitão, Galvão Teles, Soares da Silva & Associados
Eduardo Maia Cadete represents clients in state aid matters and behavioural investigations.

Joaquim Vieira Peres

Firm: Morais Leitão, Galvão Teles, Soares da Silva & Associados, SP, RL
Based in Porto, Joaquim Vieira Peres is a highly-ranked competition lawyer proficient in competition and M&A mandates.

Joaquim Caimoto Duarte

Firm: Gómez-Acebo & Pombo
Joaquim Caimoto Duarte’s broad competition law practice covers merger clearance mandates, state aid issues, behavioural investigations, challenges to authority decisions and class action damages claims. He joined the firm in December 2022.

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Rita Aleixo Gregorio

Firm: PLMJ
Rita Aleixo Gregorio is known for her impressive activity in representing clients in PCA investigations. She also has a wealth of experience in follow-on damages claims, the competition compliance aspects of collaboration agreements and state aid mandates.

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