Top 10 Most Influential Bulgarian Real Estate Lawyers in 2023 Revealed

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Real estate lawyers play a pivotal role in various transactions, starting from negotiating deals to managing compliance requirements. We are going to focus on the thriving real estate market in Bulgaria and will be introducing you to some of the most interesting and notable legal minds in this sector. These professionals not only have a deep understanding of the local and international legal frameworks but also command a robust knowledge of the real estate industry.

Bulgaria’s real estate market has seen impressive growth in the past few years; it’s not just local investors who are flocking to the market but international investors too. Bulgarian real estate lawyers have played a crucial role in this wave of investments, safeguarding investors’ interests and ensuring transactions align with Bulgarian laws. Without further ado, let’s introduce you to some of these commendable professionals.

These lawyers have carved out a niche in the real estate sector by providing excellent services that are consistent with international standards. They have not only worked with national clients but global business entities as well. Their mission is to provide reliable and efficient legal services, ensuring every real estate transaction is legally sound.

Dimitar Vlaevsky

Dimitar Vlaevsky serves as an attorney at Schoenherr, where his focus is primarily on lease transactions and property development. He has substantial experience in the retail sector and is based in Bulgaria.

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Victoria Penkova

Victoria Penkova represents Dyulgerova & Penkova Law Firm. She has a strong grasp of lease and rental agreements, assisting a variety of clients in the retail sector. Her ability to interpret fine details in contracts has given her notable expertise in this field.

Nickolay Nickolov

Known as a market leader in real estate law, Nickolay Nickolov is widely recognised for advising both purchasers and sellers on M&A for retail, industrial, and office developments. He also excels in negotiating lease agreements and is based at the firm of Boyanov & Co.

Atanas Shopov

With a wealth of experience in a wide range of matters, Atanas Shopov of Kambourov & Partners handles everything from the development and construction of industrial and infrastructure projects to transactions involving residential and office spaces.

Georgi Vladov

Based in Dinova, Rusev & Partners, Georgi Vladov has a robust practice advising on construction issues in the retail sector. His expertise also extends to related transactional matters.

Stephan Kyutchukov

Stephan Kyutchukov from Djingov, Gouginski, Kyutchukov & Velichkov is a sought-after real estate expert who is often instructed to work on complex lease transactions and construction problems.

Radosveta Kojuharova

A specialist in handling end-to-end work in retail and residential projects, Radosveta Kojuharova of Wolf Theiss also boasts extensive expertise in development, construction, and leasing matters.

Miglena Peneva

With a broad practice advising on regulatory matters, lease agreements, land acquisition transactions, and contentious issues, Miglena Peneva of Georgiev, Todorov & Co has left a strong mark on Bulgaria’s real estate sector.

Milena Gaidarska

Milena Gaidarska of Penkov, Markov & Partners is widely recognized for her work spanning sales and acquisitions related to residential, retail, and hospitality developments.

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Antonia Mavrova

Though the firm’s website isn’t available, Antonia Mavrova is known for her advising skills to banks and retail businesses on real estate acquisitions, financing, and leasing work. She is based at Kinstellar, where she offers legal prowess in the real estate industry.

These real estate lawyers have extensive knowledge and experience, make significant contributions in the real estate sector in Bulgaria, providing profound insights and top-notch solutions to various complex legal matters. Their compliance to the highest standard of legal ethics has made them leaders in their field.

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