Top 10 Most Influential Bombay High Court Lawyers in Dispute Resolution 2023

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India has a robust legal fraternity helmed by several adept lawyers with deep-rooted dedication to law and justice. Among them, practices of several Senior Advocates in Bombay High Court’s Dispute Resolution industry present a unique blend of robust experiences and phenomenal expertise. These legal practitioners, paragons in their individual capacities, represent a critical part of India’s legal machinery and have etched their place in the annals of law and order. Today, we spotlight their remarkable journeys and invaluable contribution to the legal sphere in India.

The Bombay High Court is one of the oldest High Courts in India. Established in 1862, it has had a large hand in shaping the Indian Judiciary. Their dispute resolution body boasts of some of the most proficient lawyers, recognised for their insightful understanding of law, astute perception, influential advocacy, and legal acumen. Each has made a significant impact, tirelessly representing clients, often in complex cases requiring novel interpretations of the law.

While these lawyers shine in the courtroom, they also train future generations in their individual roles as mentors and role models. They embody the true spirit of law, upholding the values of justice, fairness, and equality. Let us delve deeper into their unique profiles:

Darius Khambata

Firm: Darius Khambata – Sole Practitioner
Darius Khambata impresses clients and colleagues by his adept representation before both the Bombay High Court and the Supreme Court. He possesses additional expertise in arbitration.

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Rafique Dada

Firm: Rafique Dada – Sole Practitioner
Rafique Dada shines for his high court advocacy. His expertise in tax matters, among other disputes, is greatly admired by clients.

Pravin Samdani

Firm: Pravin Samdani – Sole Practitioner
For achieving Resolution in real estate litigation, clients look up to Pravin Samdani. He is frequently representing clients before the Bombay High Court.

Iqbal Chagla

Firm: Iqbal Chagla – Sole Practitioner
Iqbal Chagla has acquired stature due to his extensive experience presenting at the Bombay High Court. Highly praised by market commentators, he regularly handles commercial disputes, including in the energy sector.

Zal Andhyarujina

Firm: Zal Andhyarujina – Sole Practitioner
Esteemed for his fabulous work on commercial disputes before the Bombay High Court, Zal also acts as arbitration counsel and frequents the High Court to enforce arbitral awards and clauses.

Amit Desai

Firm: Amit Desai
Highly respected for his expertise in taking on criminal matters, especially white-collar crime cases, Amit Desai shines brightly in the scene of Bombay High Court.

Aspi Chinoy

Firm: Aspi Chinoy – Sole Practitioner
Aspi Chinoy, with his stupendous practice in Bombay High Court, shreds disputes in general commerce. He often takes on cases involving the real estate and private equity space and also holds expertise in criminal matters.

Virag Tulzapurkar

Firm: Virag Tulzapurkar – Sole Practitioner
Known for his remarkable dispute resolution practice, Virag Tulzapurkar is regularly aiding cases before the Bombay High Court.

Ravi Kadam

Firm: Ravi Kadam – Sole Practitioner
Ravi Kadam is highly celebrated for his practice in the Bombay High Court, holding formidable credits in commercial and insolvency-related disputes.

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Janak Dwarkadas

Firm: Janak Dwarkadas – Sole Practitioner
Janak Dwarkadas is highly visible in the legal panorama due to his practice in the Bombay High Court. Recent times have seen him active in a diverse array of cases involving commercial, insolvency and IP disputes.

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