Top 10 Most Influential Banking & Finance Lawyers in Panama 2023

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Innovative Banking & Finance Lawyers in Panama

Panama has long been renowned as a global leader in banking and finance, and this reputation is reinforced by its legion of accomplished lawyers, who specialise in this sector. The intricate world of banking & finance laws requires the sharpest minds who can navigate the complexities of international finance, M&A transactions and project mandates. As such, we take you on a journey to discuss some truly top-tier legal talent that Panama’s banking and finance industry has to offer.

With this class of lawyers, international regulations and financial explorations are negotiated with ease. Their expertise extends to lending, bonds, financial project management, acquisition and divestiture of banking assets, among other areas. They are pillars of strength for their clients, providing savvy advice and innovative solutions on a regular basis. Their contributions have been instrumental in shaping the robust framework of Panama’s banking and financial sector.

Now, without further ado, here are ten of Panama’s most intriguing banking and finance lawyers whose services are invaluable, not just to their clients, but to the whole industry.

Inocencio Galindo

Inocencio Galindo of Morgan & Morgan boasts impressive credentials in areas ranging from finance to banking M&A transactions, making him a noteworthy partner in the industry. His expertise in project finance is endorsed by clients from different sectors.

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Estif Aparicio

Estif Aparicio of Arias, Fábrega & Fábrega is a pre-eminent partner with a strong foothold in project finance, along with acquisition and divestiture of banking assets. He is a resource for both the government sector and the private sector, and is dual-qualified to practise in both Panama and New York.

José Andrés Romero Angrisano

José Andrés Romero Angrisano of KPMG has extensive expertise assisting clients with US regulations. His legal prowess stems from his years at Wilkinson Barker Knauer in the USA.

Cecilio Castillero Jr

Cecilio Castillero Jr of SIGMA International and Global Market Attorneys is a key player in Panama’s banking and finance practice. He is highly commended for his ability to handle project finance mandates with meticulous precision.

Roberto De Araujo López

Roberto De Araujo López of Galindo, Arias & López provides superb advice to banking entities acting as borrowers on bilateral and syndicated loan matters. His domain knowledge is enriched by his significant experience in Colombian law.

Roberto Harrington Arango

Roberto Harrington Arango of Alfaro, Ferrer & Ramírez is known for his extensive experience in advising notable international banks. His illustrious career path has also included lending and finance transactions in the construction and agribusiness arenas.

Tatiana Abadía

Tatiana Abadía, a sole practitioner, is credited for her adeptness at dealing with complex legal scenarios in the finance sector. She is a dynamic player who knows how to adapt to her client’s needs.

Kharla Aizpurua

Kharla Aizpurua of Morgan & Morgan is an up and coming practitioner who is proficient in bilateral and syndicated lending, as well as bridge loans and project finance mandates.

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Arturo Gerbaud de la Guardia

Arturo Gerbaud de la Guardia of Alemán, Cordero, Galindo & Lee is commended for his market-leading banking and finance practice tied with capabilities in the capital markets sphere.

Cristina Lewis

Cristina Lewis of Galindo, Arias & López is respected for her extensive knowledge of international bonds and related regulatory mandates. She is a sought-after professional particularly for her comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of banking and finance law.

In conclusion, the financial landscape in Panama is vibrant and complex, and behind its success stand hard-working and accomplished lawyers such as these who make a significant contribution to its growth. Their dedication to a robust and sustainable financial system is commendable, and their services are invaluable in paving the way for Panama’s bright economic future.

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