Top 10 Most Influential Argentine Mining Lawyers to Watch in 2023

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The energy and natural resources sector in Argentina, especially in the sub sector of mining, has notable lawyers making remarkable contributions. These lawyers offer various legal services to clients ranging from minute consultations to major legal representations. Their roles in the industry, the firms they belong to, their experience, and their professional feats are worth disseminating. Below, we showcase some outstanding lawyers in the Energy and Natural Resources: Mining industry based in Argentina.

These distinguished professionals work in various law firms across the country and contribute significantly to the legal interpretations and applications of laws relating to the mining sector. Their wealth of knowledge and years of practice have earned them respect, denoting them as top players in the industry.

These lawyers are industry experts who command immense experience and skills, navigating legal landscapes and providing comprehensive advice to clients. Their work involves collaborating with mining companies, governmental agencies, negotiating contracts, monitoring compliance with environmental regulations, and dealing with disputes when they arise.

Luis E Lucero

Belonging to the Marval O’Farrell Mairal firm, Luis E Lucero is a highly experienced mining lawyer, described by an interviewee as having a clear vision of what is needed to make a mining investment work in Argentina. Luis has spent decades working on major projects, providing essential advice, and making key contributions in various processes.

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Hernán Miguel Zaballa

As a well-regarded partner at the Zaballa • Carchio Abogados, Hernán Miguel Zaballa commands a longstanding practice advising notable mining clients. He is known for handling complex cases in the sector with decades of experience in the mining field.

Florencia Heredia

Highly recommended for her expertise in Argentina’s mining industry, Florencia Heredia is a pre-eminent partner at Allende & Brea. She has a strong understanding of legal, business, and political implications of the work in the mining sector. Her outstanding talent and client service have earned her recognition in Argentina’s mining sphere.

Matías Olcese

Key partner Matías Olcese of Mitrani Caballero & Ruiz Moreno is highly admired for his hard work and dedication. He adjusts well to meet challenging deadlines and offers high quality, easy-to-understand advice to clients due to his knowledgeable status.

Carlos Saravia Frías

Carlos Saravia Frías of Saravia Frías / Mazzinghi Abogados stands out for his sterling practice advising clients on lithium developments exploration in Salta. He is known for his broad knowledge of the sector’s jurisprudence and acknowledged as one of the most experienced lawyers in the field.

Agostina L. Martínez

At Allende & Brea, Agostina Martínez comes recommended for her in-depth knowledge of the mining industry. Observers praise her proactive nature and the high level of sophistication she brings to her work.

Sergio Arbeleche

Sergio Arbeleche of Bruchou & Funes de Rioja is respected for his deep industry knowledge. He offers excellent, reliable, and prompt services and is known for being an experienced and dynamic lawyer in this field.

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Marcos Moreno Hueyo

Marcos Moreno Hueyo of Tavarone, Rovelli, Salim & Miani – Abogados excels in regulatory aspects of operation, mining rights maintenance and deals with sector-related commercial agreements. An associate lauded for his active role in transactions in the sector.

Ignacio Celorrio

Regarded as a thought-leader in the mining field in Argentina, Ignacio Celorrio of Alfaro-Abogados has vast expertise in the lithium industry. He combines excellent legal skills with business awareness and pragmatism, which observers speak highly of.

Leonardo Gabriel Rodríguez

Leonardo Gabriel Rodríguez of Marval O’Farrell Mairal is well equipped to advise clients on mining asset transactions, exploration operations, and contractual mandates. His sophisticated work approach and his ability to handle complex matters, alongside his commercial awareness, make him first-class in this field.

In conclusion, these lawyers have played pivotal roles in shaping the legal landscape of Argentina’s mining industry with their critical insights, expertise, and contributions. They stand as vanguards, steering the mining industry through its legal demands and adding substantial value to their clients and the industry at large.

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