Top 10 Matrimonial Finance Lawyers of 2023 in North Eastern Bar

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At, we appreciate the complexities of finance within the sphere of family law. Divorce and separation are fraught with emotion beyond the legal landscape but having a guide that can navigate the intricacies of assets, properties, inheritance, taxation, and businesses can provide comfort in uncertain times. We’ve gathered an impressive list of lawyers from the North Eastern (Bar) who excel in the realm of Matrimonial Finance in a bid to showcase their talents and bring well-deserved light to their respective firms. Let’s delve into the profiles of these exceptional individuals.

Francesca Fothergill

At Parklane Plowden, Francesca Fothergill is gaining commendable reputation as a masterful matrimonial finance advocate. Her acumen for handling complicated issues pertaining to farming and landed estates sets her apart. Francesca also displays significant proficiency in forensic accountancy evidence and prenuptial agreements. Her in-depth knowledge of trusts, inheritance, and taxation matters is acknowledged within the industry.

Nick Power

Nick Power, found at Broadway House, exhibits strength in complicated financial remedy proceedings and family separations involving properties, pensions, and inherited wealth. Skilled in handling cases with overseas assets and private FDR, Nick Power is greatly respected within the legal community for his prowess.

Elizabeth Darlington

Elizabeth Darlington is well-established at 1GC|Family Law. She is held in high esteem for her specialist knowledge in property law. Elizabeth is regularly appointed to handle cohabitation and TOLATA cases arising from divorces and separations. She is also revered for her expertise in financial remedy cases.

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Timothy Spain

Timothy Spain, working at Trinity Chambers, has considerable experience in financial matters arising from separations and divorces. Proficient in complex disputes and various asset structures, Timothy is also adept at handling cases related to deliberate non-disclosures.

Jake Ellis

Further at Broadway House, Jake Ellis is noted for his unyielding dedication to clients and cases. His aptitude extends to the financial aspects of separations, particularly those involving convoluted structures such as farming assets and inherited wealth.

Crispin Oliver

Crispin Oliver at Dere Street Barristers is an applauded senior junior who possesses a wealth of experience in financial remedies and applications. Besides acting as an advocate, his role also extends to arbitrating both financial and children-related matters.

Robert Cole

Robert Cole, working out of Broadway House, is an eminent expert in high net worth divorces and separations. Drawing on his accountancy background, he has an impressive ability to handle complex cases involving various asset structures and businesses.

Nicola Saxton

Nicola Saxton of St Pauls Chambers has a wealth of experience in intricate financial matters. A star senior junior, she routinely advises high net worth individuals in cases involving corporate assets, trusts, and farms.

Roger Bickerdike

Also at Broadway House, Roger Bickerdike is an authority in family law. Particularly adept at handling complicated financial remedy proceedings, he is renowned for his work on spousal maintenance and international relocation cases. Roger is experienced across several court levels.

Anthony Hajimitsis

Anthony Hajimitsis of Broadway House is a distinguished senior junior in family law. He specializes in financial provision cases, particularly those involving property and business arrangements following divorces. Also known for his roles in prenuptial agreement disputes, and as an evaluator in financial dispute resolution, Anthony staunchly furthers the reputation of Broadway House.

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In conclusion, the North Eastern (Bar) is undoubtedly home to some formidable talent within the sphere of Matrimonial Finance. Their impressive knowledge and experience make them valuable assets to clients navigating the intricacies of financial separations and divorces. We at take great pride in showcasing these legal giants.

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