Top 10 Leading Tax Consultant Lawyers Shaping South Korea in 2023

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South Korea’s dynamic economy and growing international integration make it a crucial hub for businesses and investors. To navigate through myriad tax laws and regulations, one needs the expertise of a dedicated tax consultant. Today, we will elucidate some of the most proficient Tax Consultants lawyers in the country.

Known for their precision, versatility, and acumen in the field of tax consultation, these lawyers assist clients in understanding the complexities of the tax regime in South Korea. The array of issues these experts provide services on includes transfer pricing, financial taxation, VAT matters, and tax structuring. In particular, many specialize in areas such as cross-border investments, advance pricing agreements, M&A, and disputes.

Their expertise is instrumental in structuring tax-efficient transactions, optimizing tax benefits, and managing tax risks. Each lawyer has honed highly specialized skills and knowledge to deliver optimal results. Here is our unique compilation of South Korea’s distinguished Tax Consultants lawyers:

Tae Yeon Nam

Representing Kim & Chang, Tae Yeon Nam is well-regarded as an accomplished transfer pricing practitioner. Her capabilities span international taxation matters and she provides valuable counsel on advance pricing agreements.

Sang Woo Song

Operating from Yulchon LLC, Sang Woo Song routinely advises on tax matters in the finance sector. He has expertise in dealing with cross-border investments and is a certified public accountant.

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Woo Hyun Baik

Woo Hyun Baik from Kim & Chang has over four decades of experience counseling on tax matters related to financial transactions in the Korean market.

Kyu Dong Kim

At Yulchon LLC, Kyu Dong Kim is highly respected for his tax advisory work. He routinely assists prominent international clients on tax audits, VAT matters, and tax structuring.

Kyung Geun Lee

Also at Yulchon LLC, Kyung Geun Lee is recognized in South Korea for specializing in international taxation, catering to clients involved in M&A and inbound investments.

Dong So Kim

Dong So Kim from Kim & Chang is an established professional in South Korea’s tax domain. His experience extends to advising on disputes, M&A, tax treaties, and audits.

Tae Kyoon Kim

In Bae, Kim & Lee LLC, Tae Kyoon Kim stands out. He frequently advises clients on APA applications and corporate tax matters.

Seung-Wan Chae

Seung-Wan Chae at Bae, Kim & Lee LLC delivers advice on tax matters related to investments and M&A transactions. His proficiency also extends to consulting on tax refund requests.

Dong Jun Yeo

Located at Kim & Chang, Dong Jun Yeo is noted for his transfer pricing work. His skills are further evidenced in his engagement in tax audits.

Im Jung Choi

Im Jung Choi continues to garner respect for his tax practice at Kim & Chang. He has experience counseling on tax matters related to real estate transactions and boasts expertise in beneficial ownership issues.

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