Top 10 Jiangsu Corporate Lawyers of 2023: Influential Powerhouses in China

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Delve into China’s vibrant and robust legal landscape with an exploration of renowned Corporate/Commercial lawyers who have shaped Jiangsu’s legal market. Blending their wealth of knowledge with a drive to provide top-tier service, these experts deliver strategic and insightful advice to their clients. They possess diverse expertise, handling everything from corporate law matters to acquisitions, mergers, and dispute resolutions. Let’s embark on an insightful journey discussing these seasoned practitioners and the significant roles they play in the ever-evolving legal arena.

A pioneer in legal craftsmanship, Wu Mingxiu of Jingtian & Gongcheng, has left an indelible mark on Jiangsu’s legal scene. His vast experience stretches across real estate development and corporate law matters. Unfortunately, no website is available for the firm to gather additional information.

Mingxiu Wu

Wu Mingxiu is a respected authority in the Jiangsu legal market. His extensive involvement in the field equips him with a comprehensive understanding of real estate development and corporate law. Regrettably, there isn’t a website available to provide additional information about the firm Jingtian & Gongcheng.

Jimin Xue

Renowned lawyer Xue Jimin from the Jiangsu G&D Law Firm brings his expertise to bear in civil and commercial dispute resolution. He also offers advice on diverse PPP projects. Unfortunately, the firm’s website is not available.

Qing Xi

Adept in his field, Xi Qing from Allbright Law Offices is noted for his proficiency in dealing with debt restructuring matters, acquisitions, IPOs, and REITs. The firm’s website is not available at this time.

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Yongmei Mi

Mi Yongmei, a gifted partner from Dentons China, specializes in handling mergers and acquisitions, the disposal of non-performing assets, and equity transfer disputes. Her credentials as an auditor only enhance her financial services repertoire. Regrettably, the firm’s website is unavailable.

Yukuan Xie

Yukuan Xie from HE & Partners offers his deep-rooted knowledge of investment, financing, and corporate matters to clients. His prowess in M&A transactions makes him a go-to specialist in Suzhou office. His firm’s website is unfortunately not available.

Zhengping Song

Competent lawyer Zhengping Song from Yun Ya Law Firm delivers top-notch advice on investment, capital markets, & M&A. Predominantly catering to sectors such as manufacturing, energy, and financial services.

Yuhao Xie

Making significant contributions in the Nanjing market, Yuhao Xie from Jincheng Tongda & Neal focuses on capital markets and ESG investment projects. Unfortunately, there is no available website for the firm.

Feng Wang

Respected lawyer Wang Feng from TianTong Law Firm is well-known for his dispute resolution skills. He heads the firm’s compact Nanjing team, handling both litigation and arbitration mandates. He also serves on the TianTong management committee. Regrettably, the firm’s website is not available.

Jianhui Tang

Jianhui Tang from Zhong Lun Law Firm is a definitive authority on bankruptcy practice. He consistently advises on corporate debt restructuring and insolvency matters, showcasing additional expertise in banking and finance work.

Chao Xi

Chao Xi, known for his insights on TMT issues, operates from Hengdu Law Offices. He also provides sound advice on commercial dispute resolution. Chao boasts a rich client base featuring real estate developers, securities companies, and media groups.

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In conclusion, Jiangsu’s legal landscape is adorned with some of the brightest minds and staunch enthusiasts in Corporate/Commercial law practice. Their commitment to offering practical, innovative, and strategic solutions has greatly invigorated the market.

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