Top 10 Israeli Dispute Resolution Lawyers: Class Action Plaintiffs 2023

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Israel has a thriving legal market, and leading dispute resolution class action lawyers are playing a crucial role in shaping the country’s legal landscape. Dispute resolution has become a focal point of legal diligence, with increasing complexity in both domestic and international transactions. Specifically, class actions have grown in popularity as they provide an avenue for groups to collectively assert their rights and claims. This article aims to examine notable practitioners in the sector, focusing on their expertise and contributions to the industry.

Class action litigation represents a significant type of dispute resolution in Israel. It provides a mechanism for aggrieved individuals to take collective action against corporations, thereby leveling the playing field. The sheer complexity and scale of such lawsuits require top-notch legal minds who are uniquely skilled and experienced.

This article profiles distinguished lawyers in Israel who have made significant advancements in dispute resolution class action law. They have not only risen as leaders in their respective firms, but their groundbreaking work has also helped shape the Israeli legal scene’s course. While some have carved out niches in specific industries, others have made remarkable work in securities dispute, privacy law, and various sectors.

Ronen Adini

Ronen Adini operates from Ronen Adini & Co Law Firm. As a respected plaintiff-side class action lawyer, he has made significant strides in his work, primarily in corporate and securities law.

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Isaac (Yitshak) Aviram

Practising as a sole practitioner, Isaac (Yitshak) Aviram is lauded for his privacy work. With his notable experience in representing plaintiffs, he has firmly established his place among top dispute resolution lawyers.

Edan Aiden

Another sole practitioner who has left an indisputable mark in this sector is Edan Aiden. Recognised in the market for his outstanding strengths in class actions, he is a widely appreciated name in the industry.

Yuki Shemesh

In Amit Manor, Yuki Shemesh, Advocates, Yuki Shemesh has garnered a lot of recognition for his securities work. His wide-ranging expertise and extensive class action experience make him a name to contend with in this area.

Renan Gersht

Co-founder of the Naor-Gersht Law Office, Renan Gersht is notably active in filing class actions, significantly regarding securities and derivative matters.

Michael Bach

From the Law Offices and Notary of Bach, Lederman & Co., Michael Bach has built a longstanding reputation for representing plaintiffs in class actions cases.

Amit Manor

Practicing at the same firm as Yuki Shemesh, Amit Manor is singled out by market commentators as one of the leading lawyers for plaintiff-side class action work. With decades of experience under his belt, he is noted for his work on securities mandates.

Shlomi Moshkowitz

Operating from Moshkovitz, Stis & Co., Shlomi Moshkowitz continues to exhibit great expertise in representing a wide array of plaintiffs in class action litigation. He is particularly hailed for his prowess in securities litigation.

Tomer Bram

As a sole practitioner, Tomer Bram stands out for his extensive experience in insurance class action claims and security disputes, making him a significant name in this sector.

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Gil Ron

Gil Ron, from his firm Gil Ron, Keinan & Co. Law Offices, is an outstanding lawyer for plaintiff-side class action representation, with a wealth of experience. He is distinguished for his work in consumer class actions, especially for tackling challenging cases in the market.

These lawyers, with their unique expertise and contributions, continue to pave the way for class action litigation in Israel, ensuring fair representation and justice for numerous plaintiffs in various disputes.

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