Top 10 Investment Funds Lawyers in Ireland 2023: Insights and Influence

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Welcome to this feature article on interesting lawyers in the investment funds industry in Ireland. These professionals’ unique perspectives and achievements set them apart while their wealth of knowledge and expertise make them a force to reckon with in the legal profession. Each of these investment fund lawyers has their own story to tell, an inspiring journey in the legal field that showcases their dedication to the profession, commitment to their clients, and the indelible contributions they have made in shaping the investment landscape in Ireland.

In this feature, we take a look into their work, their firms, the industries they serve, and their influence in transforming the investment funds industry in Ireland. Although each lawyer has their unique approach, they all share an enduring commitment to excellence, innovation, and a deep understanding of the needs of their clients & the industry they serve. As such, they have made significant contributions to the legal field and continue to leave a lasting imprint in the investment funds industry. Without further ado, let’s delve into the remarkable lives and careers of these intriguing Irish investment funds lawyers.

This feature is intended not just to acknowledge these individual lawyers, but also to throw light on the importance of the legal profession in providing much-needed support and guidance in understanding the complex investment funds industry. Regardless of whether you are an investor, a professional in the financial industry, or a student looking to join the legal profession, we hope this article provides valuable insights.

1. Stephen Carson

Working with A&L Goodbody, Stephen Carson is a talented lawyer qualified by Irish law who handles matters related to the establishment of Irish MiFID firms and the creation of new UCITS platforms. He specializes in preparing for the merger of funds out of the UK and is based in Ireland.

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2. Lorena Dunne

Lorena Dunne is an expert in ESG-related funds based in London, and she works with William Fry. She garners wide acclaim for her knowledge of SFDR, setting her apart in the investment funds industry.

3. Michelle Moran

Michelle Moran, from K&L Gates, practices in Ireland and the UK. Famed for advising US or European fund managers on the restructuring of their activities, she plays a crucial role in preparation for Brexit.

4. Iain Ferguson

Iain Ferguson from McCann FitzGerald LLP advises clients on fund structuring mandates for asset managers setting up UCITS or QIAIFs.

5. Gayle Bowen

Gayle Bowen assists with the establishment of UCITS funds and regularly advises promoters or independent fund management companies on securing relevant permissions to carry out regulated activities in Ireland. She currently works with K&L Gates after leaving Pinsent Masons in early 2023.

6. Deborah Hutton

Deborah Hutton from Eversheds Sutherland counsels fund managers and other financial institutions on a broad range of mandates including corporate and regulatory matters.

7. Cillian Bredin

Working with Dillon Eustace, Cillian Bredin assists clients with the establishment of funds, including AIF funds. His exceptional work has received positive feedback.

8. Stephen Carty

Stephen Carty from Maples Group is experienced in the establishment of UCITS umbrella funds and in the creation of new Irish MiFID entities for investment firms formerly operating from the UK. He also advises on regulatory matters.

9. Ian Dillon

Ian Dillon from Arthur Cox advises clients on a wide array of matters including real estate funds and ICAV funds.

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10. Pádraig Brosnan

Pádraig Brosnan is Irish law-qualified and is the head of the firm’s Cayman-based Ireland desk for Maples Group.

In conclusion, these lawyers have demonstrated their versatility, expertise, and commitment to professionalism. Specializing in the investment funds industry, these lawyers are changing the landscape of the legal world in Ireland and making a significant contribution to the financial industry. Their dynamism and unique perspective make them intriguing and inspirational figures in the legal profession.

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