Top 10 Intellectual Property Lawyers Shaping New Jersey’s IP Landscape in 2023

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New Jersey is a hub for creativity and innovation. From technological advancements to pharmaceutical break-throughs, the area houses numerous firms that require adept Intellectual Property (IP) lawyers. IP lawyers protect businesses’ most valuable assets, their ideas, and innovations, which can include inventions, brand names, logos, designs, and trade secrets. Their work involves preventing the theft or misuse of these assets, whether via patents, copyright, trademarks, or industrial design rights. IP lawyers in New Jersey have a unique flair in preserving businesses’ rights with their skills, knowledge and dedication. Here are some top names in the sector.

Charles P Kennedy

With significant experience acting for local innovators as well as multinationals, Charles P Kennedy is a celebrated figure noted for his work on patents and IP litigation. Based out of Lerner David Littenberg Krumholz & Mentlik, LLP, Kennedy’s expertise spans multiple industries, providing top-class service to his clients and fostering growth in the realm of intellectual property.

Michael R Friscia

At McCarter & English, LLP, Michael R Friscia is known for his wide-ranging capabilities across contentious and noncontentious copyright, patent, and trademark matters. His ability to deal with both patent and trademark prosecution effectively makes him a top player in his industry.

Sarah Sullivan

Sarah Sullivan specializes in representing branded pharmaceutical companies in patent litigation, with a focus on Hatch-Waxman ANDA cases. Based in Saul Ewing LLP, her business-focused approach and written work ability make her an exceptional figure in her field.

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Joseph S Littenberg

Joseph S Littenberg, based also in Lerner David Littenberg Krumholz & Mentlik, LLP, has carved a reputation as an expert in patent licensing and litigation. You can learn more about Littenberg and his successful career in IP law on the firm’s website.

Robert J. Schoenberg

Robert J. Schoenberg of Riker Danzig LLP has a diverse practice that includes patent infringement, prosecution and licensing, alongside trademark and copyright work. His work displays his comprehensive understanding of legal matters and their impact on business. More about Schoenberg and his contribution to IP laws can be found at Riker Danzig’s website.

Barry J Schindler

Barry J Schindler is particularly active on patent prosecutions and applications. His clients include financial services, life sciences and technology companies. His deep understanding of patent law and judicious counseling abilities make him an in-demand resource for companies looking for comprehensive IP solutions.

William Baton

Witnessing phenomenal growth in his IP legal endeavors, William Baton frequently takes the lead in patent litigation cases for life sciences companies. Known for his practical business-driven approach, Baton is especially adept in detailing which shines even in the most complex patent matters. He operates from Saul Ewing LLP.

Scott S Christie

Known for his formidable defense in patent lawsuits, Trademark enforcement, and handling copyright, licensing, and trade secrets disputes, Scott Christie of McCarter & English, LLP has become a veteran in IP law. Christie’s wealth of experience extends beyond boundaries, including matters across the Middle East, Europe, and East Asia.

Charles M Lizza

Charles M Lizza, at Saul Ewing LLP, is known for his unmatched judgment in patent litigation with a focus on pharmaceuticals and biotech cases. His ability to avoid irrelevant complications and grasp the most important details of each case makes Lizza a sought-after figure.

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Peter Nussbaum

The go-to expert for trademarks, Peter Nussbaum, based in Chiesa Shahinian & Giantomasi PC, offers exceptional assistance in protecting musical artists’ trademarks and personality rights. For more about Nussbaum and his contributions to the field, refer to Chiesa Shahinian & Giantomasi’s website.

We hope this gives you an insight into the IP law scenario in New Jersey along with an introduction to some of its most notable players. Be it securing a new patent, protecting current assets, or litigating an infringement, New Jersey is undoubtedly home to some of the best practitioners in the realm of Intellectual Property law.

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