Top 10 Intellectual Property Law Influencers in Denmark 2023 Spotlight

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In the increasingly competitive and technologically driven business landscape, Intellectual Property (IP) law has taken on an essential role. Business leaders are recognizing the importance of securing their proprietary knowledge, ideas, and inventions as a key strategy to maintain a competitive advantage. Thus, the selection of an IP lawyer is of crucial importance. Denmark, known for its strong commitment to innovation and technological development, is home to many excellent IP lawyers. Let’s delve into the profiles of some of the leading IP lawyers in the country.

These legal professionals have distinguished themselves through their extensive knowledge, commitment to their clients, and the depth of their experience in handling complex and high-stakes IP cases. In this showcase, we highlight their qualifications, their affiliated firms, and their areas of expertise, offering a brief insight into Denmark’s prestigious IP legal landscape.

These ten lawyers have made significant contributions to the field of IP law, helping clients navigate the complex world of trademarks, patents, copyrights, and more. Each one brings their unique approach to the table, demonstrating an unwavering dedication to their work and consistently delivering successful results for their clients.

Pia Kirstine Voldmester

Affiliated with Kromann Reumert, Pia Kirstine Voldmester is known for advising clients on trademark and marketing law issues, as well as the IP aspects of M&A transactions. Her clients include renowned tech and insurance companies.

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Lasse Skaarup Christensen

Lasse Skaarup Christensen of Gorrissen Federspiel handles a broad range of contentious and non-contentious IP mandates. He specializes in copyright, comparative advertising matters, and trade mark issues, serving a strong clientele in retail.

Anders Valentin

Anders Valentin, of Bugge Valentin, frequently manages SPC, trademark, and patent disputes, often representing life sciences companies. He also handles trade secret and design rights cases.

Asger Heine Jensen

Asger Heine Jensen from Horten advises clients on various IP-related contractual matters and is well-regarded for the quality of his work.

Terese Foged

Terese Foged of Lassen Ricard is known for her expertise in copyright law, especially regarding matters connected to the media sector.

Jens Jakob Bugge

Jens Jakob Bugge, also from Bugge Valentin, receives high praise for his expertise in intellectual property matters. His rich portfolio includes domestic and international clients in copyright and trade mark infringement proceedings and design right disputes.

Dan Bjerg Geary

Dan Bjerg Geary from Bech-Bruun is experienced in advising on the IP aspects of franchise, distribution, and licensing agreements. He also handles disputes relating to the alleged misappropriation of trade secrets, as well as patent and copyright infringements.

Peter-Ulrik Plesner

Peter-Ulrik Plesner of Plesner has a wealth of experience in the market, mainly representing clients in patent disputes.

Steen Lassen

Steen Lassen from Lassen Ricard is a leading figure within the field of IP. His focus lies on copyright matters in the media sector, and he serves several prominent broadcasters.

Nicolai Lindgreen

Nicolai Lindgreen of Kromann Reumert is a seasoned professional in representing life sciences companies in patent disputes. His experience spans serving both domestic and international clients in high-value disputes.

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In conclusion, these Danish IP lawyers personify professionalism and skill, representing the highest standards of the legal profession. Their collective experience and dedicated service underline Denmark’s reputation as a hub for technological innovation and investment, as well as a location known for robust protection and reputable legal services in the realm of intellectual property.

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