Top 10 Insurance Lawyers in Bermuda Revolutionizing the Industry in 2023

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The insurance industry is a complex landscape that presents unique legal challenges and requires specialized legal expertise. Bermuda, known as the world’s risk capital, is home to a rich variety of talented lawyers who specialize in navigating the insurance industry’s intricate legal intricacies. In this article, we will showcase and explain some of the more interesting insurance lawyers in Bermuda. Through their experiences and expertise, these lawyers have showcased an uncanny ability to manoeuvre through the fine points of the law as it applies to the insurance industry.

Whether it is in the licensing and structuring of insurance companies to advising insurers on note issuances and credit facility agreements or dealing with contentious insurance matters, the lawyers on this list have demonstrated top-tier abilities and a keen understanding of the insurance landscape. More than just demonstrating versatility and capacity to adapt, these lawyers have continually showcased exceptional levels of empathy and an acute sense of the clients’ needs.

Without further ado, let’s introduce these impressive lawyers:

Gavin Woods

Working at Carey Olsen Bermuda Limited, Gavin Woods has expertise in the licensing and structuring of insurance companies, including insurance marketplace providers. His broad experience extends to advising insurers on note issuances and credit facility agreements. You can read more about his work here.

Brad Adderley

Brad Adderley of Appleby demonstrates notable experience in insurance regulatory space. He often assists clients with insurance company formation and licensing work. He also has added experience acting for insurers and reinsurers on corporate and financing transactions.

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Peter Dunlop

Peter Dunlop, from Walkers Bermuda, frequently represents insurance companies and policyholders in transactions and other non-contentious matters. He also offers recent experience in contentious insurance matters.

Charles G R Collis

Charles Collis from Conyers, is active across a wide range of matters. His work spans from regulatory work relating to the acquisition, formation, and licensing of insurance and reinsurance companies.

Christopher Garrod

Another stellar lawyer from Conyers, Chris Garrod, assists insurers and banks with the Bermudian aspects of multi-jurisdictional acquisitions, credit facility agreements, and insurance-linked securities.

Alan Bossin

Alan Bossin, also part of Appleby’s star crew is particularly noted his work on regulatory compliance and licensing.

Hanno Tolhurst

Working with ASW Law, Hanno Tolhurst is rising in ranks rapidly based on his deep knowledge of Bermudian regulatory matters. He assists clients with the regulatory aspects of corporate transactions and debt capital markets issuances.

Sophia Greaves

Sophia Greaves from Conyers is an up-and-coming lawyer aiding reinsurers with issues like the formation and licensing of companies.

Nick Miles

Nick Miles, based in Kennedys, advises insurance companies on transactional and regulatory matters, portfolio transfers, and regulatory compliance.

Timothy C Faries

The Bermuda-based partner, Timothy C Faries, is the CEO of Appleby Global Services and assists clients with non-contentious insurance mandates.

In conclusion, Bermuda is not just a global insurance hub, but as shown above also a home to some of the most talented and experienced insurance lawyers. These learned individuals not only provide the required legal expertise to manoeuvre the rugged landscape of insurance laws but also assist, advise and educate on how the day-to-day activities touch upon legal aspects of the insurance industry. These individuals are undoubtedly making a significant contribution to maintaining Bermuda’s status as a leading international finance centre.

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