Top 10 Influential US Derivatives Lawyers: Unraveling Complex Nationwide Cases

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The constantly shifting landscape of derivatives law consistently keeps lawyers and businesses on their toes. This often unseen side of the legal profession is filled with some luminaries who have stood out in their field. Offering expert advice and counsel to firms trading in derivatives, these lawyers are at the top of their game, providing strategic and insightful solutions to highly complex regulatory problems. Today, we present you with some of the most interesting and formidable derivatives lawyers in the USA.

This isn’t just a list of lawyers doing great work in the derivatives field – it’s a compilation of attorneys who have clearly shaped and influenced the industry. Each has carved out a niche for themselves, displaying considerable expertise and skill in navigating the complex legal terrain of derivatives. Whether it’s offering assistance on the regulatory compliance intricacies, advising on cross-border regulatory matters or mastering the digital assets rules, these lawyers are proof that one can find both professional fulfillment and success in the specialized field of derivatives law.

The wide spread of their practice locations also carries a testament to their abilities, as it underlines the nationwide demand for their services. Let’s delve into their individual contributions and achievements that make them stand out.

Carl Kennedy – Katten


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Specializing in OTC and exchange-traded derivatives, Carl Kennedy is an expert on regulatory compliance owing to his deep knowledge of the CFTC. His clients commend his immediate response time and his prowess in delivering on-spot legal opinions. Carl’s firm, Katten, has a nationwide presence.

Rebecca J Simmons – Sullivan & Cromwell LLP


In the world of derivatives law, Rebecca Simmons is widely regarded and respected for her profound regulatory knowledge. Her expertise has made her a sought-after advisor for trading associations and financial services firms. She’s based in Sullivan & Cromwell LLP.

Curtis Doty – Mayer Brown LLP


Curtis Doty is skilled at providing cross-border regulatory advice for trade associations, banks and corporations. His deep understanding of swaps, swaps documentation, and swaps markets has earned him a highly reputable position within the industry, He operates out of Mayer Brown LLP.

Geoffrey B Goldman – Shearman & Sterling LLP


With a client list that spans major financial institutions and corporates, Geoffrey B Goldman is renowned for his regulatory advice. His excellent reputation and sound advice have kept him at the top. You can find him at Shearman & Sterling LLP.

David J Gilberg – Sullivan & Cromwell LLP


David J Gilberg is recognized for his advice on regulatory matters, especially those concerned with the rules surrounding digital assets. Based at Sullivan & Cromwell LLP, he has earned appreciation as an excellent full-service derivatives attorney.

Gary DeWaal – Katten


Specializing in various asset classes, including cryptoassets, Gary DeWaal has solidified his presence at Katten. He is particularly lauded for his abilities in informing clients about regulatory developments in the market.

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Yvette Valdez – Latham & Watkins LLP


Yvette Valdez at Latham & Watkins LLP impresses with her derivatives practice. Expert in managing regulations surrounding cryptocurrency, she adeptly unifies technical legal knowledge with practical business requirements.

Colin Lloyd – Sullivan & Cromwell LLP


Colin Lloyd combines his knowledge of regulatory issues affecting banks and broker-dealers with standout expertise in derivatives compliance. His broad-based expertise makes him an invaluable resource for clients throughout Sullivan and Cromwell LLP.

Kevin Foley – Katten


A trusted name in regulatory compliance advice in the derivatives market is Kevin Foley of Katten. He is highly regarded by peers and clients alike for his profound knowledge in derivatives law.

Jeffrey L Steiner – Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP


Regulatory aptitude is Jeffrey L Steiner’s forte. Frequently advising clients on CFTC regulations, Jeff has proven himself a phenomenal attorney and business adviser. He operates out of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP.

These ten attorneys are at the forefront of derivatives law. Their success and passion for their craft set a high standard for aspiring practitioners in the field, and serve as a beacon for those who seek expert guidance in navigating the complex world of derivatives law.

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