Top 10 Influential Tax Lawyers Revolutionizing Argentina’s Legal Scene in 2023

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The world of taxation can be intricate and complex to navigate, for both corporations and individuals alike. However, the challenging and fast-paced nature of tax law has led to the emergence of astute professionals who can advise on everything from the fiscal implications of corporate transactions to tax litigation. What sets the leaders in this field apart is their ability to comprehend not merely the intricacies of law, but their capacity to understand the business aspects of tax proceedings. In this regard, Argentina has a diverse pool of prominent tax attorneys who have displayed extraordinary knowledge and skill in this sector.

The Latin American legal landscape, and Argentina, in particular, is home to tax lawyers held in high regard by peers and clients. Their expertise in administrative tax procedures, design of tax-efficient structures, as well as advisory services, renders them instrumental assets for corporations, global conglomerates and high-profile individuals alike. The lawyers featured here have been selected for their technical prowess, thorough comprehension of business entities, and exceptional client service.

As taxation is an ever-evolving field, the listed lawyers are not only renowned for their raw understanding of tax law but also for their ability to stay at the cutting edge of industry advancements and changes. They not only understand the current state of tax law, but they are also visionaries who anticipate future shifts. The following lawyers have not only mastered the Argentine tax ecosystem but are shaping its future as well.

Miguel Alejandro Máximo Tesón

Miguel Alejandro Máximo Tesón profile picture

Miguel Alejandro Máximo Tesón is a valued asset to the law firm O’Farrell. His superior handling of administrative tax procedures, especially those linked to value-added tax disputes, coupled with his advisory services on the fiscal implications of corporate transactions, have earned him considerable respect from both peers and clients. Tesón is regarded for his distinctive combination of technical ability and commercial understanding.

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Walter César Keiniger

Walter César Keiniger profile picture

Partner at the firm Marval O’Farrell Mairal, Walter César Keiniger, is known for his extensive experience and practical approach to corporate tax matters. Clients appreciate his ability to discuss technical issues thoroughly and his comprehension of the business and the standards that a client operates with. Keiniger comes highly endorsed by clients who commend his holistic view of tax law.

Alejandro Messineo

Alejandro Messineo profile picture

Bomchil’s Alejandro Messineo comes with a rich experience in advising clients on tax litigation, international tax law, and design of tax-efficient structures for financial transactions. Clients rave about Messineo’s technical skills, client-centric approach, and his well-renowned reputation in Argentina’s tax arena.

Juan Manuel Iglesias Mamone

Juan Manuel Iglesias Mamone profile picture

Juan Manuel Iglesias Mamone is based at Mitrani Caballero & Ruiz Moreno. He is highly regarded for his technical prowess and is repeatedly praised for his readiness to assist with the best of his knowledge. Mamone is often singled out for his excellent and attentive approach towards his professional duties.

Liban Ángel Kusa

Liban Ángel Kusa profile picture

Liban Ángel Kusa, the highly regarded managing partner at Bruchou & Funes de Rioja, is regularly lauded for his problem-solving skills, professionalism, and in-depth knowledge. Clients point out Kusa’s ability to provide timely advice and his empathy for solving problems as particularly noteworthy.

Guillermo A Lalanne

Guillermo A Lalanne profile picture

Guillermo Lalanne, a partner at O’Farrell, is recognized for his skill in contentious tax matters and extensive experience in handling constitutional tax disputes. Clients praise his superior knowledge of provincial taxes and his esteemed academic profile.

Maximiliano A Batista

Maximiliano A Batista profile picture

Maximiliano Batista, of Martinez de Hoz & Rueda, is highly recommended by his clients for his vast knowledge of tax law and his ability to provide comprehensive solutions to his clients. Batista is praised for his technical and academic prowess.

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Alberto Tarsitano

Alberto Tarsitano profile picture

Alberto Tarsitano, an operator at Estudio Tarsitano, Gimenez, Lifrieri & Pampliega, comes highly recommended by peers for his impressive track record in the Argentinian tax field and substantial academic accomplishments.

Manuel María Benites

Manuel María Benites profile picture

Manuel María Benites, a partner at Pérez Alati, Grondona, Benites & Arntsen, is recognized for his prowess in administrative tax litigation procedures, advisory matters on debt capitalizations, and reorganizations. He is particularly sought after for advising on transfer pricing matters, earning him regard as an all-rounded lawyer in the Argentine market.

Rodrigo Lema

Rodrigo Lema profile picture

Rodrigo Lema, partner at Bulit Goñi | Lema Abogados, is praised for his knowledge and expertise in tax disputes with local governments. Clients acknowledge Lema as an essential player in local tax disputes.

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  1. Incredible to find that no women is on the list as there are many brillant tax lawyers in Argentina that are woman.

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