Top 10 Influential Tax Lawyers in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, 2023

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For businesses operating in Brazil, navigating the complex tax landscape proves to be challenging. To ensure the legality and compliance of business operations, having a proficient tax lawyer is crucial. In the state of Rio Grande do Sul, there are several notable lawyers who are experts in the tax industry. Noted for their accomplishments, their strong presence in handling complex tax mandates, and their impressive academic backgrounds, these lawyers hold an impressive portfolio in the tax industry.

Brazil’s tax regulations are complex and unpredictable. This is where the importance of a proficient tax lawyer comes into play, aiding businesses in discerning the nuances of Brazil’s tax laws and regulations. These tax lawyers are located across the state of Rio Grande do Sul in various firms, offering in-depth knowledge in the field and demonstrating remarkable efficacy in representing their clients.

These lawyers assist both corporations and individuals in Brazil in dealing with tax issues, ranging from taxation of imports to complex tax disputes in municipal, state and federal spheres. Working in partnership with businesses, their work is fundamental in avoiding legal issues and ensuring tax efficiency. Here, we are going to highlight ten tax lawyers in Rio Grande do Sul who stand out for their outstanding work.

Cristiano Carvalho

Working at CMT – Carvalho, Machado e Timm Advogados, Cristiano Carvalho is known for his strong activity in tax mandates and his substantial academic background. Cristiano specializes in complex litigation and import taxation cases.

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Fábio Barichello

As the leading tax partner at Veirano Advogados, Fábio Barichello has been recognized for his outstanding work and strong regional presence in various class entities.

Rafael Pandolfo

A partner at Rafael Pandolfo Advogados Associados, Rafael Pandolfo is praised by industry insiders for his exceptional handling of tax mandates in both litigation and non-contentious matters.

Heron Charneski

With his cases often intersecting law and accounting, Heron Charneski of Charneski Advogados maintains a strong record in leading sophisticated taxation mandates.

Rafael Mallmann

Rafael Mallmann is a prominent lawyer at TozziniFreire Advogados. With a solid track record, he is recognized for his technical knowledge and his involvement in important legal matters.

Rafael Santos Borin

Rafael Pandolfo Advogados Associados‘ Rafael Santos Borin is noted for his strong presence in important cases before superior courts, leading complex tax law cases.

Rafael Korff Wagner

Described as ethical and upright, Rafael Korff Wagner from Lippert Advogados is acknowledged for his technical and procedural knowledge in handling tax cases.

Fabio Luis de Luca

Also from Lippert Advogados, Fabio Luis de Luca stands out in handling sophisticated tax litigations and is often appointed to assist in high-value tax disputes.

Thales Stucky

Based at Trench Rossi Watanabe, Thales Stucky is known in the legal market for his expert knowledge of international taxation, and is particularly attentive to market trends.

Rafael Machado Simões Pires

With a background in law and accounting, Rafael Machado Simões Pires of Simões Pires Advogados is recognized for his technical skills, along with his excellent availability and commitment to meeting client expectations.

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