Top 10 Influential Shipping Lawyers Dominating South Korea’s Maritime Industry, 2023

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The global shipping industry is a complex and intricate sector that requires astute legal advice to function at every level. This is especially true for South Korea, which has one of the largest shipping industries in the world. As such, there are several accomplished and highly respected shipping lawyers in the South Korea who excel in this field, their experience and understanding of maritime law making them assets in guiding companies through this often turbulent industry. In this article, we spotlight some highly reputable professionals specifically adept in handling various shipping matters in South Korea.

Whether they are aiding in complex negotiations, providing much-needed advice on major marine casualties, or representing clients in high-level disputes on damages claims, attorneys who are well versed in shipping law are integral. Their knowledge and skill navigate the intricate waters of the shipping industry, offering their clients expert advice so parties can avoid pitfalls and problematic transactions.

The lawyers listed here are all exceptional in their field, with a depth of experience and a solid reputation that marks them out as leading professionals in the shipping industry. These individuals are not just lawyers; they are much-sought consultants in their industry, known for their keen understanding of maritime law and their ability to effectively lead their clients through even the most challenging of disputes.

JH Choi – Choi & Kim

JH Choi, a founding partner of Choi & Kim, brings over three decades of experience in maritime insurance matters and shipping disputes. Having provided counsel on numerous significant marine casualties, his broad knowledge base is an invaluable resource in the industry.

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Byung Suk Chung – Kim & Chang

Chung Byung Suk is not only an experienced shipping lawyer but also co-heads the shipping practice at Kim & Chang. His practice encompasses a wide variety of wet and dry shipping disputes for P&I clubs, insurance companies, and ship owners.

Dong-Hee Suh – Suh & Co

With more than three decades of advising on maritime law issues, Suh Dong-Hee of Suh & Co focuses on contentious shipping matters. His clientele includes P&I clubs, vessel operators, and shipping companies while dealing with disputes concerning damages claims, rehabilitations, and collisions.

Jin Hong Lee – Kim & Chang

Jin Hong Lee is a proficient maritime lawyer active in shipping insurance matters, including wet and dry disputes. His valuable experience adds significant weight to his advice and counsel.

CJ Kim – Choi & Kim

CJ Kim, another founding partner of Choi & Kim, has extensive experience in the maritime space and is well-equipped to advise on contentious cases, international trade, and maritime insurance matters.

Hun Song – Moon & Song

Hun Song is a key player in the contentious shipping matters in South Korea, particularly in disputes arising from cargo damage, collision, and oil pollution.

Yoon Jeong Park – Bae, Kim & Lee LLC

Senior foreign attorney Park Yoon Jeong frequently handles international arbitration proceedings arising out of both wet and dry shipping disputes. Her clients include several P&I clubs, shipbuilders, and shipping companies.

Young Hwa Suhr – Pusan Pacific

Renowned for his work in maritime law matters, Suhr Young Hwa specializes in contentious cases related to marine casualties and cargo claims.

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Choon Won Lee – Jipyong LLC

In South Korea, Maritime lawyer Lee Choon Won continues to make his mark through his work on a vast variety of contentious shipping cases, such as cargo claims and disputes surrounding bills of lading.

Kwang Myeong Moon – Moon & Song

Moon Kwang Myeong has notable experience in a broad range of shipping disputes, both dry and wet matters, making him a key player in Korean’s maritime legal sphere.

Each of these lawyers displays a deep understanding of the intricate dynamics that define the global shipping industry. Their exceptional advice and representation provide immense support to their clients and greatly contribute to the overall advancement of maritime law in South Korea.

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