Top 10 Influential Rhode Island General Commercial Litigation Lawyers in 2023

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The field of litigation law in Rhode Island is teeming with highly skilled professionals. These lawyers function as the backbone in the field of dispute resolution, standing tall with vast experience and immense expertise they bring to the table. Ranging from product liability claims to commercial disputes, these individuals are well-versed in the language of the courtroom. The following article provides an insight into some of the most proficient litigators in the state of Rhode Island.

They are the individuals through whom justice is often manifested, making them key players in Rhode Island’s legal domain. Each of these lawyers has carved a niche for themselves in their respective areas, earning recognition and respect for their outstanding services. This prominent posture is established through years of hard work, relentless practice, and a fair share of successful encounters in numerous civil suits.

Their services encompass a broad range of sub-domains within the commercial industry such as environmental permitting, regulation disputes, intellectual property, shareholder disagreements, and professional malpractice suits, to name a few. What follows is a compilation of information about some of the most competent general commercial litigators in Rhode Island.

Gerald J Petros

Gerald J Petros is a respected professional associated with the firm Hinckley Allen. Known for representing defendants in dispute matters pertaining to environmental regulations and permitting, he also possesses expertise in dealing with complex product liability claims.

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Robert Duffy

Robert Duffy from Duffy & Sweeney, Ltd is an experienced litigator known for managing a plethora of commercial disputes, including those related to intellectual property. His deep local knowledge about the courts, judiciary, and procedures is highly admired.

Joseph F Penza Jr

Joseph F Penza Jr of Olenn & Penza, LLP regularly serves a wide range of civil disputes and showcases significant expertise in professional malpractice suits.

Joseph V Cavanagh Jr

Renowned litigator Joseph V Cavanagh Jr of Blish & Cavanagh, LLP has decades of experience in dealing with high-stakes commercial claims. He offers substantial expertise across a spectrum of disputes, including antitrust, product liability, and IP issues. Unfortunately, his firm does not currently have a website.

Craig M Scott

Craig M Scott from Hinckley Allen, is acclaimed for his competency in numerous commercial litigation works, with a particular specialization in IP-related disputes.

Raymond Marcaccio

Raymond Marcaccio from Oliverio & Marcaccio LLP has garnered significant experience in commercial dispute resolution. He frequently represents clients at trial, mediation, and arbitrations, predominantly in employment disputes.

Stacey Nakasian

Stacey Nakasian of Duffy & Sweeney, Ltd is recognized for defending commercial clients in an array of claims related to insurance coverage, shareholder disputes, IP, and more. She is deemed to provide nurturing counsel and is widely trusted.

Mitch Edwards

Mitch Edwards from Hinckley Allen, is acknowledged for his defense against complex product liability and mass tort claims. He also has a successful history with disputes involving alleged breach of contract and fiduciary duty.

John Tarantino

John Tarantino affiliated with Adler Pollock & Sheehan PC is esteemed for sophisticated clientele representation in contentious proceedings. His adeptness spans across several legal forums, civility, and criminal cases.

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Patricia Rocha

Head of the firm’s litigation group, Patricia Rocha from Adler Pollock & Sheehan PC stands as an accomplished figure in commercial litigation, employment disputes, and product liability claims. She exhibits notable experience in representing clients in the healthcare sector.

Taken together, the aforementioned lawyers are some of the finest in commercial litigation in Rhode Island, offering world-class service and results. Their vast, multi-faceted experience, vast knowledge, and excellent counseling make them the go-to professionals for navigating commercial disputes.

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