Top 10 Influential Public Law Masters Shaping Argentina’s Legal Landscape in 2023

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Public Law professionals serve as the bridge between society and the state, ensuring that state intervention in society’s complex operations complies with the law. Their expertise in all matters related to administrative procedures, government contracts, and litigation is paramount. In Argentina, numerous high-profile lawyers specialize in this field, navigating government regulations and public sector challenges. Highlighted below are some of Argentina’s distinguished Public Law lawyers, celebrated for their extensive skillsets and broad knowledge of the industry.

Jorge Muratorio

O’Farrell Representatives Website

Esteemed for his specialized knowledge in government contracting and administrative disputes, Jorge Muratorio of the O’Farrell firm stands out in the field. His in-depth knowledge offers reassurance to his clients while his remarkable professionalism has earned him favorable feedback from market commentators who vow for his extensive experience in Argentina’s Public Law field.

Ezequiel Cassagne

Cassagne Abogados Website

Ezequiel Cassagne of Cassagne Abogados is known for his strategic advisory skills on administrative law issues related to large infrastructure projects. High praises highlight Cassagne’s proficiency in establishing productive liaisons with authorities in Argentina’s public law sector.

Fernando Raúl García Pullés

García Pullés & Calatrava Abogados Website

Possessing stellar reputation and broad experience in the industry, Fernando Raúl García Pullés continues to display a robust practice across Argentina’s public law landscape. With a solid background in sophisticated public law disputes, he remains a significant reference for clients and peers.

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María Lorena Schiariti

Marval O’Farrell Mairal Website

Having a keen ability to assist clients with a range of contracts with the government, María Lorena Schiariti is instilled in the public law field at Marval O’Farrell Mairal. Her excellent listening skills and precise answers underpin her top-tier legal advisory skills, allowing her to spot potential legal obstacles impacting businesses.

María Morena del Río

Allende & Brea Website

Praised for her availability, quick comprehension, and broad legal knowledge, María Morena del Río of Allende & Brea is a highly recommended professional. Her expertise in handling both litigation and advisory matters in public law makes her stand out amongst her peers.

Pablo E Perrino

Cassagne Abogados Website

Known for his wide knowledge of regulations and technically adept skills, Pablo E Perrino, a partner at Cassagne Abogados, regularly shares his wisdom on public tenders, concession contracts, and contentious-administrative proceedings with his clients.

Ignacio de la Riva

Cassagne Abogados Website

Celebrated for his deep expertise in economic regulation and administrative law mandates, Ignacio de la Riva, also from Cassagne Abogados, remains a prominent player in Argentina’s public law arena. His substantial academic background enhances his ability to handle public procurement matters.

Enrique Veramendi

Marval O’Farrell Mairal Website

Respected partner Enrique Veramendi continues to impress with his robust practice in the public law sector, assisting construction, automotive, and transport clients with administration issues in Argentina. Equipped with business acumen alongside his legal expertise, Veramendi consistently outperforms expectations.

Máximo Fonrouge

Cassagne Abogados Website

With his remarkable expertise in advising clients on bidding processes and representing them in administrative litigation, Máximo Fonrouge is a distinguished partner at Cassagne Abogados and commands respect in the sector. His longstanding practice in the area is often recognized by industry insiders.

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Lucas Piaggio

Nicholson y Cano Abogados Website

Lucas Piaggio at Nicholson y Cano Abogados has achieved recognition through his expertise in advising clients on regulatory matters and managing contentious-administrative disputes. Handling fascinating cases and distinguished by his professionalism, Piaggio is a force to be reckoned with in Argentina’s public law sector.

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