Top 10 Influential Project Lawyers in Peru in 2023 Spotlighted

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This article serves to highlight accomplished lawyers in Peru, who are delivering exceptional services in the projects industry. The legal landscape of any country significantly impacts the successful execution of projects, and thus, the selection of a competent lawyer becomes paramount for any project’s success. A range of skills from contract negotiation to dispute resolution is required to safely steer a project from its inception to completion. Consequently, these professionals have exhibited impressive expertise, knowledge, and problem-solving abilities in the face of complex matters spanning both national and international jurisdictions. Below we delve into the backgrounds and feats of some prominent lawyers in the Peruvian projects industry.

In the thriving projects industry in Peru, these legal professionals have carved a niche for themselves due to their unique and effective legal solutions in the face of complex project-related issues. They command impressive legal acumen and a comprehensive understanding of both local and international law, which helps them navigate the intricacies of project-related matters. Most importantly, these professionals possess a keen business sense that they employ to identify new opportunities and challenges in the market, consequently advising their clients accordingly. The unwavering commitment, nuanced legal knowledge, and strategic advisory skills of these legal experts have allowed them to accrue high recognition in the market.

Following are profiles of some of these legal professionals who have consistently made contributions in the project industry in Peru. Their exceptional work has won them the praise and respect of clients and colleagues alike, and they continue to redefine the legal approach to project-related issues with their insights and knowledge.

Ronald Fernández Dávila: Philippi Prietocarrizosa Ferrero DU & Uría

Philippi Prietocarrizosa Ferrero DU & Uría boasts Ronald Fernández Dávila, known for his exceptional advisory skills and a thorough comprehension of the banking and finance sector. His knowledge and strategic insights have won him high praises from market commentators and clients alike.

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Juan Carlos de los Heros Echecopar: Estudio Echecopar

Partner at Estudio Echecopar – Member Firm of Baker McKenzie International, Juan Carlos de los Heros Echecopar, is appreciated for his scrupulous attention to detail and pro-business outlook.

Diego Harman: Garrigues

Garrigues‘ partner Diego Harman has extensive expertise in transactional banking mandates and is revered for his knowledge of local and international loan markets.

Juan José Cárdenas: Damma Legal Advisors

Damma Legal Advisors‘ Juan José Cárdenas is a sharp negotiator and a significant player in Peru’s banking and finance sphere.

Giancarlo Villafranqui: CMS GRAU

Partner at CMS GRAU, Giancarlo Villafranqui, is recognized for his expertise in public and private sectors and his comprehensive advisory style.

Johanna Holz Rincón: Garrigues

Johanna Holz Rincón previously from Garrigues is praised for her extensive knowledge of project finance mandates and for offering effective advice.

Alejandro Manayalle: Rodrigo, Elías & Medrano Abogados

Alejandro Manayalle from Rodrigo, Elías & Medrano Abogados stands out for his analytical capabilities and for aptly understanding his clients’ needs.

Diana Collazos: Estudio Echecopar

Estudio Echecopar’s Diana Collazos is highly regarded for her experience in infrastructure projects and her holistic vision of the market.

Alexander Campos: Campos / Arbitraje e Infraestructura

Campos / Arbitraje e Infraestructura‘s Alexander Campos has a particular expertise in advising on construction mandates and is esteemed for his practical approach.

Lisbeth Benavides: Miranda & Amado Abogados

Lisbeth Benavides from Miranda & Amado Abogados is an impressive project finance lawyer known for her detailed advice, and her extensive experience and knowledge in the Peruvian projects sphere.

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