Top 10 Influential NZ Shipping Lawyers in 2023: Key Insights & Expertise

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The world of shipping and maritime law is a complex and vibrant hub teeming with the brightest minds in the legal field. Among these luminaries, certain players stand out for their depth of knowledge, professional acuity, and innovation. Particularly in New Zealand, there are lawyers who are driving this dynamic industry with a skill that sets them apart. This group of acclaimed legal professionals is leading the way in making sense of the intricate rules that govern maritime affairs and ensuring that all parties involved adhere to them. By doing so, they are helping shape international commerce in their own unique way.

New Zealand, due to its geographical location and historic reliance on maritime activity, has a decades-long tradition of legal expertise in the field of shipping law. The local industry experts are recognized for their competence in handling a multitude of maritime issues, including but not limited to, shipping contracts, fisheries, maritime health and safety matters, insurance claims, and the law of the sea. Their proficient legal counsel is indispensable for businesses that operate within the sphere of shipping, and the shipping industry as a whole.

In this profile series, we showcase some of these accomplished individuals who are at the forefront of New Zealand’s vibrant shipping law landscape. We delve into their backgrounds, practices, and contributions to this specialized legal sector. Let us meet each of them:

John Knight of Chapman Tripp

John Knight is a distinguished practitioner recognized chiefly for his deep knowledge and skill in litigation, specifically within the realm of shipping and insurance issues. He has considerable experience dealing with casualty and cargo claims. You can find more about John Knight and his firm at Chapman Tripp.

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Bevan Marten of Izard Weston

Next on our list is Bevan Marten, a respected lawyer known for his expertise in shipping contracts, fisheries, ocean resources, and sea law issues.

John Burton of Izard Weston

John Burton is an accomplished lawyer with a wide-ranging expertise in maritime matters, from handling ship arrests and managing trade affairs to overseeing cargo recovery claims and ship sale and purchase transactions.

Neil Beadle of Wotton + Kearney

Neil Beadle is well known for his proficiency in maritime health and safety issues. He is also proficient in tackling contentious issues, including marine liability claims.

Michael McCarthy of Izard Weston

Michael McCarthy stands out for his adept handling of cases involving shipwrecks, collisions, and damage claims.

Andrew Colgan of McElroys

Andrew Colgan, a litigator at McElroys, is renowned for his expertise in maritime law, particularly in insurance and professional liability matters.

Karl Stolberger of Lowndes Jordan

Karl Stolberger has a notable prowess in shipping disputes, transportation, and international trade law matters. He is also recognized for his expertise in shipping finance issues.

Matthew Flynn of McElroys

Matthew Flynn, of McElroys, is highly regarded for his practice in maritime and insurance-related disputes, primarily focusing on cargo, international trade, and charter party issues.

Simon Cartwright of Hesketh Henry

A lawyer from Hesketh Henry, Simon Cartwright is esteemed for his adept handling of shipping, marine insurance, and dispute-related issues.

Pauline Davies of Fee Langstone

Pauline Davies excels in handling marine insurance-related issues, freight forwarding laws, as well as the buying and selling of vessels.

In conclusion, the realm of shipping law is a precise and challenging field, yet these lawyers in New Zealand have made a significant mark through their expertise, dedication and skill. Their contribution to the shipping law industry continues to shape it, ensuring that it remains robust and internationally competitive.

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