Top 10 Influential North East Tax Lawyers in Brazil, 2023 Edition

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The northeastern region of Brazil, known for its diverse culture and vibrant economy, is home to stellar tax law professionals. Renowned for their expertise, these legal practitioners navigate the various intricacies of the Brazilian tax system with finesse. This article focuses on some of the leading tax lawyers in northeastern Brazil, shining a light on their achievements and offerings to the local and international business community. The following legal experts stand tall in the industry of tax law, each proficient in their respective area of operation and acknowledged for their exceptional performance in handling tax mandates.

The legal field is often shaped by the contributions of professionals and their active participation in the market scene. In this context, the northeastern region of Brazil has a robust and diverse group of tax law specialists. They represent clients across different sectors, aid in overcoming substantial hurdles, and bring innovative solutions to table. The lawyers featured in this article are key figures in the complex world of taxation, and they each offer a unique perspective on the Brazilian tax system.

Starting with Alexandre de Araújo Albuquerque, partner at Ivo Barboza & Advogados Associados, who handles tax mandates predominantly in the North East region. According to market sources, Alexandre is “well known by state tax tribunals and is often seen in this area. He is very respected in the city and has a great reputation in tax issues.”

Alexandre de Araújo Albuquerque

Alexandre de Araújo Albuquerque is a partner at Ivo Barboza & Advogados Associados. Based in Brazil, he is known for handling various tax mandates, particularly in the northeastern region. He is well recognized by state tax tribunals and maintains a significant presence in his field. With strong endorsements from market sources, Alexandre carries a solid reputation for resolving tax issues.

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Leonardo Nuñez Campos

Leonardo Nuñez Campos is part of Cruz Campos Lobo Advogados. Leonardo has successfully led diverse tax mandates, including dispute resolution cases, earning him a place in the rankings this year. With a client-oriented approach, he consistently delivers high-level performance and addresses clients’ issues expertly. His problem-solving skills distinguish him from others, according to clients’ testimonials.

Diego Bomfim

At the helm of the department at Bomfim Novis Advogados is Diego Bomfim. Known for his range of expertise, including tax litigation, infraction notices, and administrative proceedings, Diego has made his mark in the field of tax law. His clients find him to be an exceptional professional in his field.

Walter Manzi

Walter Manzi, a leading professional from Batista, Fazio, Manzi & Milet Advogados, excels in handling tax mandates. His skills in litigation and consultancy have earned him accolades from his peers. His market sources vouch for his qualifications and efficiency in tax mandates.

Phelippe Falbo Di Cavalcanti Mello

Phelippe Falbo Di Cavalcanti Mello from Di Cavalcanti Advogados receives high praise from clients for handling tax mandates proficiently. He is known for his deep understanding of the client’s business structure and ensures excellent results in his deliverables.

Alexandre José Gois Lima de Victor

Alexandre José Gois Lima de Victor is the head of the tax team at Urbano Vitalino Advogados. He is commended for his work in handling tax mandates. His market observers regard him as a quality lawyer and endorse his expertise.

Ricardo Varejão

Ricardo Varejão from Queiroz Cavalcanti Advocacia is respected by his market sources for his variety of tax work. Clients appreciate his substantial academic background, which backs his professional practice.

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Marcelo Nesser Nogueira Reis

Marcelo Nesser Nogueira Reis from Nogueira Reis Advogados is recognized for his advisory role in tax law and for representing a diverse client base in legal disputes.

Marcos Pires

Exhibiting skillful craftsmanship in tax mandates, Marcos Pires from PPF Advocacia has made his way into the top rankings. His leadership and capability to assist his clients earn him commendation from his clientele.

Taciana Bradley

Taciana Bradley, head of the department at Mello Pimentel Advocacia, is acclaimed for her competence in handling complex administrative proceedings and tax litigation. Her commendable performance and reputation add feathers to her cap.

In summary, these professionals stand out for their exceptional competence and dedicated service to the field of tax law. They continue to shape the legal landscape in northeastern Brazil with their diligent efforts and in-depth handling of complex tax mandates.

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