Top 10 Influential Mumbai-Based Real Estate Lawyers in India, 2023

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India’s real estate market, particularly in the thriving city of Mumbai, is a vibrant and ever-expanding field. This makes having a legal team with expertise in real estate law crucial for every real estate player, from small investors to multinational developers. In this article, we introduce some of the most reputable real estate lawyers in Mumbai, offering detailed information on their background, experience, and the kind of legal service they offer.

Real estate law encompasses a range of legal matters related to property, including residential and commercial properties. It involves issues concerning property acquisition, ownership rights, property boundaries, zoning, land use, home loans, and more. Many businesses and individuals find real estate law too intricate to navigate without expert assistance and guidance. That’s where the invaluable aid of experienced real estate lawyers comes in.

India has an abundance of skilled lawyers specializing in real estate law. This piece will focus on introducing prominent Mumbai-based lawyers who have gained recognition for their significant contributions to the industry. These individuals have paved the way for others to follow in the industry and solidified their positions through vast knowledge, impeccable service, and consistent results.

Murtuza Federal – Federal & Company

Despite not having an official firm website, Murtuza Federal has built a name for himself in the industry. Known for his proficient execution of traditional conveyance mandates and comprehensive industry experience, he has gained the respect and trust of a remarkable array of national and international clients.

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Sai Krishna Bharathan – Trilegal

Sai Krishna Bharathan has earned recognition for his successful representations at large. He extends his expertise to large funds and developers, helping structure their transactions and commercial agreements.

Sudip Mullick – Khaitan & Co

Sought after for his advisory on high-value real estate transactions, particularly fund investments, Sudip Mullick boasts a successful track record and a reputation for delivering results.

Abhishek Sharma – Abhishek Sharma & Associates

Abhishek Sharma advises clients not only on conveyancing and title issues but also on structuring real estate transactions, both domestically and internationally. His expertise spans across advising commercial and residential developers and investors.

Hamid Moochhala – Wadia Ghandy & Co

With years of experience under his belt, Hamid Moochhala has a deep understanding of the real estate sector. His knowledge and the depth of his experience make him an invaluable resource for clients in the real estate market.

Sadhawa Mishra – SNG & Partners

Sadhawa Mishra provides expert advice on real estate development matters throughout various states in India, such as Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Haryana. His extensive industry knowledge and experience add immense value to clients’ projects.

Sajit Suvarna – DSK Legal

Sajit Suvarna, based in Mumbai, is known for his intricate understanding and expertise in complex transaction advisory, servicing lenders, investors, and developers.

Mahernosh Humranwala – Tatva Legal

Mahernosh Humranwala excels in advising developers and lenders on transactions and title investigations. His analytical approach and attention to detail are commendable qualities that his clients appreciate.

Nohid Nooreyezdan – AZB & Partners

Nohid Nooreyezdan enters the rankings for her notable experience in real estate. She frequently advises developers on land and construction pursuits, demonstrating her prowess in the field.

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Sagar Kadam – DSK Legal

Sagar Kadam offers much-needed advice to investors and developers on core conveyancing matters. He aids in structuring transactions, financings, and provides title diligence, making him a preferred choice for many in the business.

Each of these individuals has contributed significantly to the real estate industry in Mumbai and beyond. Their expertise, combined with their dedication to serving their clients best, has established them among the top real estate lawyers in the country.

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