Top 10 Influential Mid-Market Private Wealth Lawyers in New York 2023

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Private wealth law plays a crucial role in protecting and advancing the interests of affluent individuals and families, entrepreneurs, corporate executives and others with significant financial assets. The New York legal market is home to various outstanding private wealth attorneys dedicated to offering legal aid in crucial matters such as tax and estate planning, administration, business succession, and more. Here’s a spotlight on some of the exceptional mid-market private Wealth lawyers in New York:

G William Haas

Working with Morrison Cohen LLP, G William Haas has garnered a reputation for providing sophisticated advice to high net worth clients on complex tax and estate planning matters. Valued for his client-friendly and considerate approach, William Haas stands as an exceptional figure in the private wealth law sphere.

Linda Wank

Linda Wank, with Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz, is distinguished for her profound knowledge in representing high net worth entities. As the chair of the estate planning and administration group, she has notably left an imprint in the mid-market field with her vast expertise.

Mary O’Reilly

Co-chair of Meltzer Lippe Goldstein & Breitstone LLP’s trusts and estates practice group, Mary O’Reilly is celebrated for her brilliant practice advising affluent clients. Her level of knowledge, practicality, and effectiveness have seen her gain immense admiration and acknowledgment from her clientele and peers in the industry.

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Barbara A Sloan

Barbara Sloan of McLaughlin & Stern LLP is renowned for counselling high net worth individuals on trust estate planning, administration, and more. Her outstanding intelligence, rich experience, and comprehensive grip on the law deem her a phenomenal addition to New York’s private wealth law field.

Carrie Michaelis

Operating from Reid Michaelis, PLLC, Carrie Michaelis has gained considerable recognition for advising high net worth individuals and families on estate and tax planning. Her hard-working nature, unrivaled attention to detail, and ability to present complex ideas in a simplified manner set her apart in the industry.

Michael W. Galligan

Part of Phillips Nizer LLP, Michael Galligan is recognized for his profound expertise in estate planning and administration. His vast knowledge and easy-to-deal-with demeanour make him a top-notch professional in the private wealth law arena.

Darcy Katris

Darcy Katris, collaboratively working with Morrison Cohen LLP, is known for her comprehensive aid to high net worth clients on private wealth matters. Her intelligence, attentiveness, and familiarity with the domain are truly exceptional.

Jessica Galligan Goldsmith

Based at Kurzman Eisenberg Corbin & Lever, LLP, Jessica Galligan Goldsmith is a specialist in advising affluent clients on estate planning and other significant matters. Praised for her knowledge, proactivity, and hard work, Goldsmith provides phenomenal advocacy for her clients.

Scott M. Sambur

Working from Seward & Kissel LLP, Scott Sambur is recognized for his wide-ranging advisement to high net worth clients including estate, trust, and tax planning. His reliable insights and practical approach render him a highly regarded attorney in the city.

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Daniel Rubin

Daniel Rubin, from Moses & Singer LLP, is a leading figure in the field with a strong emphasis on asset protection planning. His ability to see the bigger picture and innovative style have solidified his position as one of New York’s most sought-after private wealth lawyers.

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