Top 10 Influential Mexican Civil & Commercial Litigation Lawyers in 2023

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When it comes to dealing with commercial disputes in Mexico, a key component is finding trusted lawyers who are experienced in civil and commercial litigation. Given the complex legal environment in the region, it is critical to have an experienced legal professional to navigate through the intricate process of dispute resolution. These would be professionals who bolster their expertise with a commendable commitment to client satisfaction, helping dispel the daunting task of handling commercial litigation cases.

Such legal practitioners ascend the ranks due to their dedication, commitment to innovation, and a deep understanding of the commercial law landscape. They stand out for their understanding of the needs of clients, their grasp of details and nuances, their cool-headed attitude, and their strategic acumen.

So, in no particular order, here are some of the top legal practitioners in Mexico who specialize in Dispute Resolution: Civil & Commercial Litigation:

Javier Quijano Baz

Firm: Quijano, Cortina y de la Torre Abogados
Javier Quijano Baz is a leading figure in the Mexican litigation landscape. With a vast experience in the civil and commercial litigation domain, he has been acknowledged as a respected senior statesperson.

Enrique Espejel

Firm: White & Case SC
Enrique Espejel receives notable praise from commentators for his wide-ranging aptitude in civil and commercial litigation in Mexico. Clients testify to his bravery, passion, and continuous dedication to providing high-quality service.

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Edgar Grajeda Muñoz

Firm: Gonzalez Calvillo, S.C.
Edgar Grajeda Muñoz is appreciated for his considerable knowledge pertaining to civil and commercial litigation in Mexico. His ability to understand his client’s needs while delivering great client service sets him apart.

Alonso Rivera Gaxiola

Firm: Rivera Gaxiola, Carrasco y Kálloi S.C.
Alonso Rivera Gaxiola is recognized as a dedicated lawyer with notable qualities such as efficient, quality written work and being a formidable litigator.

Roberto Fernández del Valle

Firm: Santamarina y Steta SC
Roberto Fernández del Valle receives high praise from clients for his proficiency in civil and commercial litigation. His broad commercial awareness and litigation skills make him one of the top choices.

Gerardo Ramírez Ornelas

Firm: Ramírez Ornelas Abogados
Gerardo Ramírez Ornelas has been highlighted for his extensive experience in the civil and commercial litigation field.

Alfonso López Lajud

Firm: Sánchez DeVanny Eseverri, S.C.
Based in Mexico City, Alfonso López Lajud’s ability to stay calm and efficient in the face of disputes sets him apart from his peers in the civil and commercial litigation spectrum.

Fernando Pérez-Correa Camarena

Firm: Pérez Correa, González y Asociados, S.C.
Also based in Mexico City, Fernando Pérez-Correa Camarena is praised for his strategic mind and commitment to providing the best resources and services to his clients.

Javier Curiel Obscura

Firm: Martinez, Algaba, de Haro y Curiel S.C.
Javier Curiel Obscura stands out for his attention to detail and sensitivity when handling complex cases, making him a leading figure in Mexico’s commercial litigation scenario.

Xavier Cortina

Firm: Quijano, Cortina y de la Torre Abogados
Xavier Cortina is sought-after for his solid experience in managing disputes in the telecommunications and real estate industries and his brilliance and brilliance in the legal field.

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