Top 10 Influential Mediators Lawyers Transforming UK’s Legal Landscape in 2023

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The business world can be a complex and sometimes fractious environment with contractual disagreements, human rights issues and professional negligence, among other issues requiring expert mediation. Indeed, in this scenario, mediators play a critical role in facilitating constructive conversations and accelerating resolutions to conflicts. In the UK, within the legal fraternity, a handful of mediators have advocated exceeding the resolution call. These lawyers’s expertise, experience and negotiation skills have made them reputable figures in their field. Let’s delve into their portfolio.

Christopher Fitton, IPOS Mediation

Christopher Fitton from IPOS Mediation carries forward an excellent mediation practice focusing heavily on the resolution of professional indemnity, pensions and financial services-related cases. His authoritative eminence emerges from his experience dealing with public sector bodies disputes.

Anthony Allen, CEDR Chambers

Coming from CEDR Chambers, Anthony Allen demonstrates his expertise as a sound mediator primarily in clinical negligence and personal injury cases. He also extends his versatility into disputes concerning public and human rights law.

Colin Russ, Sole Practitioner

Operating on his own, Colin Russ stands out as an excellent commercial mediator with an amassed experience across many sectors. His expertise spans the areas of construction, financial services and professional negligence.

Michel Kallipetis KC, Independent Mediators

Michel Kallipetis KC, representing Independent Mediators, is a highly acclaimed mediator handling a plethora of commercial claims. His portfolio boasts experience in professional negligence, insurance, and property matters disputes.

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Andrew Hildebrand, IPOS Mediation

Embarking from IPOS Mediation, Andrew Hildebrand has garnered significant acclaim for his extensible commercial mediation experience, especially those occurring in the entertainment and media industry. Insolvency cases also form part of his rich practice.

Quentin Smith, Sole Practitioner

Another sole practitioner, Quentin Smith, is highly sought after for his expertise in mediating high-value multiparty disputes. He is distinctly proficient in handling professional negligence disputes, with additional strength in sports matters.

Stephen Walker, SWM Mediation

Stephen Walker of SWM Mediation upholds an impressive mediation practice, handling a diverse range of disputes. He is particularly eminent in professional negligence, insolvency, contentious probate, and art law-related disputes.

Martin Plowman, Leathes Prior

From Leathes Prior, Martin Plowman leverages his expertise to mediate commercial disputes. He is exceptionally known for handling inheritance, property, and contractual case disputes.

Eileen Carroll KC, CEDR Chambers

Eileen Carroll KC from CEDR Chambers carries forward an enviable reputation as a commercial dispute mediator. She has played a significant role in acting in cases involving both private and public sector clients, including sovereign states, handling disputes worldwide.

Sir Robert Akenhead KC, Atkin Chambers

Representing Atkin Chambers, Sir Robert Akenhead KC conducts an excellent mediation practice, primarily solid in mediations occurring in the construction sector.

All these mediators have distinguished themselves through a combination of excellent interpersonal skills, understanding, negotiation and resolution experience expressing a dedication to creating a balance in the business legal world.

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