Top 10 Influential Litigation Lawyers Reshaping Canada’s Dispute Resolution in 2023

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Disputes are an inevitable part of conducting business; however, the way they are managed can significantly influence a company’s long-term success. Engaging a seasoned commercial litigation lawyer in the negotiation, mediation, or litigation processes can make all the difference. In this article, we highlight and delve into the profiles of some of the top dispute resolution lawyers in Canada. As the best minds in their respective fields, these individuals have proven their mettle time and time again in managing and resolving complex commercial disputes. Their reputations, built on robust practices and successful case handling, have made them go-to choices for clients in need of seasoned legal counsel.

The criteria for selecting these luminaries were stringent, encompassing versatility, robust profiles, formidable reputations, broad experiences, and recognition from peers and industry leaders. These reputable professionals are spread across the spectrum of commercial litigation, with the capacity to handle everything from securities litigation and contentious audits to high-stakes corporate and commercial disputes. Whether you are a large commercial or investment bank, a multinational organization or a local business, these lawyers have the proficiency required to straighten things out- big or small.

Markedly, Canada’s legal landscape is inching towards a more comprehensive understanding and addressal of complex disputes. Against this backdrop, a blend of knowledge, prowess, experience, and the capacity to analyse, strategize, and navigate the world of dispute resolution is becoming increasingly crucial. But, worry not! These renowned legal professionals have all these traits and more.

Paul J Pape

Paul Pape, from Pape Chaudhury LLP, wears many hats as an lauded commercial litigator, built over decades of practice in Toronto. Most notable is his ability to skilfully handle appellate cases.

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Peter F C Howard

Holding precedence in Toronto’s commercial litigation field is Peter Howard of Stikeman Elliott LLP. His expansive portfolio spans securities litigation and a plethora of commercial disputes, including contentious audits and insurance claims.

Sheila R Block

Sheila Block, a key figure at Torys LLP, commonly receives mandates instructing her on some of the market’s most high-profile commercial litigation and arbitration suits, thanks to her prolonged history of top-tier practising in the commercial disputes market in Toronto and across the country.

Peter Griffin

Another top-notch litigator is Peter Griffin from Lenczner Slaght. He has garnered a reputation for being the counsel of choice for high-profile corporates wrestling with high-stakes commercial disputes and operates from Toronto, with his reputation extending beyond.

Guy Pratte

From Borden Ladner Gervais LLP, Guy Pratte is widely acknowledged for his profound public sphere work. His cases often deal with extradition proceedings, privacy issues, and liability conundrums in the railway industry. He frequently operates between Toronto, Montréal, and Ottawa.

Robert Torralbo

At Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP, Robert Torralbo boasts a sturdy reputation as one of Québec province’s most adaptable commercial litigators. He also provides counsel on top-tier class actions from his Montréal office.

R Paul Steep

McCarthy Tétrault LLP‘s Paul Steep is among Toronto’s finest litigators. His broad experience in commercial disputes includes substantial securities litigation mandates and class action suits. His client roster features several of Canada’s largest commercial and investment banks.

William Brock, Ad E

William Brock, from Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg LLP, is extensively commended in the Montréal market for his knack in tackling a wide range of issues in the commercial litigation space. He counsels both Canadian and international corporations.

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Tom Curry

Also hailing from Lenczner Slaght is Tom Curry. Widely respected for his prowess in complex litigation files, his practise spans commercial disputes, class actions, administrative law, and professional liability issues. He serves as the firm’s managing partner in Toronto.

Geoffrey Cowper KC

Fasken‘s Geoffrey Cowper KC is based in Vancouver and is reputed for representing major international organisations in commercial disputes at both provincial and federal levels. He specialises in advising clients in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors.

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