Top 10 Influential Litigation Lawyers in North East 2023 Explained

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<p>When it comes to business law and litigation in the North East, there are a number of highly skilled lawyers who have proven themselves to be not only capable, but exemplary in their respective fields. Between winning high-profile cases, representing diverse clients and navigating the complex nuances of commercial law, these professionals are renowned for their impressive contributions to the industry. This article aims to highlight a few of these individuals, providing context and information that captures each one’s unique expertise and professional achievements.</p>

<p>Litigation lawyers are legal experts who represent defendants and plaintiffs in civil lawsuits. They manage all aspects of the litigation process including the investigation, pleadings, discovery, pre-trial, trial, settlement and appeal. These professionals play pivotal roles in disputes that occur between businesses, within corporate entities, and even between companies and individuals. Each lawyer has their own methods, strategies, and areas of profound knowledge that make them an asset to their clients.</p>

<p>We have scoured the breadth of the busy North East legal scene to highlight outstanding lawyers in notable law firms who deserve recognition. Here are some of the most impressive litigation lawyers currently practising in the North East, UK:</p>

<h3>Susan Howe</h3>
<p>Susan Howe <a href="">(Muckle LLP)</a> is a highly skilled commercial litigator whose jurisdiction has spanned a variety of matters, including contractual cases and class action lawsuits. She, adeptly handles both defendants and plaintiffs, making her a versatile asset in high-stake, multijurisdictional disputes.</p>

<h3>Toby Gibson</h3>
<p>Toby Gibson <a href="">(Gibson & Co)</a> is a prominent figure in the North East for commercial disputes, especially highly respected for his expertise in financial services litigation. His clientele includes large corporations and private individuals, all of whom seek his skilled counsel in contentious matters.</p>

<h3>Tim Toomey</h3>
<p>Tim Toomey <a href="">(Ward Hadaway LLP)</a> is recognized for representing clients in a diverse range of industries. He is particularly skilled in alleviating contractual terminations and other crucial business issues. Toomey also holds notable expertise in insurance matters.</p>

<h3>Leah Heatley</h3>
<p>Leah Heatley <a href="">(Muckle LLP)</a> provides exemplary representation for large corporations and individuals with commercial litigation matters including, but not limited to contractual disputes and winding-up petitions.</p>

<h3>Claire Collinson</h3>
<p>Claire Collinson <a href="">(Claire Collinson Legal)</a> is a well-respected figure in the market. Known for her apt skill in handling financial services disputes, she provides legal assistance to both large corporate clients and smaller businesses.</p>

<h3>Jane Gibson</h3>
<p>Jane Gibson <a href="">(Gibson & Co)</a> is equally proficient in representing corporate clients and financial institutions in a broad spectrum of substantial commercial disputes.</p>

<h3>Robert Glassford</h3>
<p>Robert Glassford <a href="">(Ward Hadaway LLP)</a> is a highly esteemed commercial litigator with an extensive portfolio of high-value cases under his belt. His expertise extends to various aspects of commercial law like handling issues in contractual matters and joint venture agreements.</p>

<h3>Peter Hornsey</h3>
<p>Peter Hornsey <a href="">(Ward Hadaway LLP)</a> is known for his successful track record in representing high net worth individuals and shareholders in commercial disputes. His vast litigation expertise makes him a highly sought-after lawyer in the North East.</p>

<h3>Paul Stewart</h3>
<p>Paul Stewart <a href="">(Womble Bond Dickinson UK LLP)</a> is recognized as a prominent figure in the litigation market. His clientele includes large multinational companies across a range of industries including energy, transport, and technology.</p>

<h3>Jill Dalkin</h3>
<p>Jill Dalkin <a href="">(Weightmans)</a> is a budding litigator who has demonstrated remarkable competence in handling shareholder disputes and other aspects of business-related litigation.</p>

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