Top 10 Influential Labour & Employment Lawyers in Costa Rica 2023

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Costa Rica, known for its rich biodiversity and tourism, is also home to a thriving legal industry. The country boasts a robust team of lawyers who represent both domestic and international clients in a variety of industries. One such legal field that continues to evolve and garner attention is Labour & Employment Law. This specific sector demands an in-depth understanding of the law, strong analytical thinking, excellent communication skills, and a great deal of business acumen. In this article, we are going to introduce you to some of the most sought-after Labour & Employment lawyers in Costa Rica.

Labour and Employment Law in Costa Rica covers the gamut of issues connected to employment, including contracts, remuneration, social security, occupational health and safety and conflict resolution. It involves not just the rights and responsibilities of employers and employees but extends to labor unions, tripartite relationships and stakeholders in the wider business and social environment. These lawyers provide critical advisory services, litigate on behalf of their clients, and even help shape the legislative landscape through advocacy and policy work.

The lawyers listed below are those who have been recognized for their exceptional knowledge, skills, and dedication in this field. Each lawyer brings a depth of experience and a unique approach to their practice, making significant strides in Costa Rica’s Labour & Employment jurisprudence.

Daniel Valverde


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Daniel Valverde is an up-and-coming practitioner attracting significant praise for his knowledge and skills in labour law. His clients commend his clear point of view and the support he provides in each case.

Francisco Salas Chaves

BDS Asesores

Francisco Salas Chaves is a respected industry veteran known for his excellent analytical thinking, communication skills and business acumen. He is noted for his timely responsiveness and exceptional client service.

Rocío Carro

Bufete Carro

Rocío Carro is lauded for her work in Costa Rica’s legal space. She is highly skilled in providing legal advice and litigating labour issues.

Alfonso Carro


Alfonso Carro is recognized for routinely advising clients on a wide range of labour mandates in Costa Rica and has secured commendations for his track record dealing with labour matters.

Randall González


Randall González, the partner and head of the department at BLP, is praised for his strong practice in the Costa Rican labour and employment arena.

José Joaquín Acuña Solís

BDS Asesores

José Joaquín Acuña Solís, a partner at BDS Asesores, is applauded for his contribution to the Costa Rican labour and employment field. Clients commend his aligned solutions and business partnering approach.

Anna Karina Jiménez

Dentons Muñoz

Anna Karina Jiménez, the head of the department at Dentons Muñoz, is respected for her awareness of the market and her kind nature, which encourages clients to comfortably ask questions.

Marco Durante Calvo

BDS Asesores

Marco Durante Calvo, the dynamic department, is a leading lawyer within the Costa Rican labour and employment circle. Clients laud him for his extensive knowledge in the industry and the market.

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José Miguel Granados Benavides

Bufete Godínez y Asociados

José Miguel Granados Benavides garners favourable opinions from clients for his broad understanding of labour litigation and his impeccable writing skills.

Oscar Bejarano Coto

Oscar Bejarano & Asociados

Oscar Bejarano Coto possesses a stellar track record in the Costa Rican labour and employment market. He continues to be highly active and is a point of reference in this industry.

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