Top 10 Influential Italian Shipping Lawyers Making Waves in 2023

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Italy is a significant player in the global shipping industry and it’s no surprise that it’s home to some of the world’s leading shipping lawyers. From handling dispute resolution to advising on vessel acquisitions and contract negotiations, these legal experts navigate complex maritime regulations inside and out. They serve a diverse range of clients, including ship owners, insurance firms, and leasing companies, providing customised legal solutions tailored to their clients’ unique needs and circumstances. Here is a selection of Italy’s noteworthy shipping lawyers who are making their mark in the industry.

One such expert is Marco Lopez de Gonzalo from Studio Legale Mordiglia. With vast experience in both non-contentious and litigious shipping matters, he is adept at navigating clients through litigation and arbitration proceedings and advising on contracts, reflagging and construction matters.

Enrico Vergani

At BonelliErede, Enrico Vergani maintains a powerful profile in the shipping sector. An accomplished lawyer, he routinely handles transactional and contentious matters with great proficiency.

Simona Coppola

The well-regarded Simona Coppola of Studio Legale Garbarino, on the other hand, specialises in shipping-related sales, disputes relating to damages, insurance advice and vessel arrests. Her clientele list includes leasing companies and insurance firms.

Lawrence Dardani

Lawrence Dardani of Dardani Studio Legale is known for his adept handling of both criminal investigations and arbitration proceedings, including those with a multi-jurisdictional angle. He also works on vessel refinancing and acquisition.

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Vittorio Porzio

Vittorio Porzio of Studi Legali Consociati Porzio, Bove e Associati – D’Aniello, based in Naples, is held in high regard for his established shipping practice. He is adept at dealing with both contentious and advisory shipping mandates.

Pietro Palandri

Another remarkable legal expert from Studio Legale Mordiglia is Pietro Palandri. With vast experience in handling shipping disputes, he advises ship owners and insurance companies on a wide range of proceedings and also represents clients in international arbitration mandates.

Stefano Zunarelli

Stefano Zunarelli of Zunarelli – Studio Legale Associato is well-versed in dealing with a wide array of contentious and advisory matters within the shipping sector. His expertise includes handling multi-jurisdictional mandates involving damage claims and negotiations with local authorities.

Francesco Siccardi

Another long-standing legal expert in the shipping industry is Francesco Siccardi of Siccardi Bregante & C, who provides expert advice on contentious mandates, assisting with both arbitration and litigation.

Giuseppe Loffreda

Giuseppe Loffreda of Legal4Transport advises local corporates on shipbuilding contracts and is also well versed in port-related matters.

Andrea La Mattina

Last but not least, Andrea La Mattina of BonelliErede has a notable track record advising clients on contract negotiations, shipping disputes and restructuring cases. This lawyer’s expertise continually contributes to his firm’s significant reputation in the industry.

In conclusion, these shipping lawyers continue to showcase their expert knowledge and skills in the industry, successfully representing their clients in an array of complex shipping matters. Their work contributes significantly to Italy’s reputation as a key player in the global maritime industry. Businesses operating in this sector will undoubtedly benefit from their extensive expertise and commitment to achieving the best possible outcomes for their clients.

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