Top 10 Influential Intellectual Property Lawyers in Spain for 2023

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The field of Intellectual Property (IP) encompasses an array of intricate performances that remain key to the global business landscape. Primarily revolving around patents and trademarks, this arena is the cornerstone of every enterprise, driving innovation and economic growth. Spain, being home to a thriving business environment, hosts a myriad of IP: Patents & Trade Marks legal experts, who mark their dominion with unparalleled competence. This article delves into these connoisseurs, their firms, and their unparalleled accomplishments.

In an ere where digital abundance has blurred lines of originality, Intellectual Property lawyers champion the cause of authenticity and original creations, thus fostering fair competition amongst businesses. These lawyers are the force behind the protection of brilliant ideas, ensuring their claimants enjoy exclusive rights and reap the ultimate profits of their creations. Reflecting this riveting saga of legal acumen, here are some of Spain’s leading IP practitioners, embodying the veritable notion of proficient legal aid.

With an impressive repertoire that spans across patent rights to copyright knowledge, these IP lawyers allocate their expertise to both protect pioneering inventions and safeguard artistic expressions from unauthorized use. This list comprises the best in business, from Antonio Castán of Elzaburu known widely for his defense of patent rights, to Jesús Muñoz-Delgado from Gómez-Acebo & Pombo, praised for his strategic advice on anti-counterfeiting mandates.

Antonio Castán

A distinguished authority in the realm of Intellectual Property, Antonio Castán belongs to the highly esteemed law firm Elzaburu. Deeply respected in the legal community, Castán maintains an excellent reputation for his profound expertise in patent rights defense and copyright knowledge.

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Mónica Esteve

A stalwart in Intellectual Property law, Mónica Esteve is associated with Gómez-Acebo & Pombo. Esteve’s broad gamut of services extends to handling IP aspects of transactions, e-commerce topics, and trade mark issues with prime deftness.

Josep Carbonell

Belonging to Fieldfisher (Spain), Josep Carbonell has an extensive practice encompassing patents and trade marks. His seasoned experience ranges from advising on registrations to assisting with civil and criminal infringement cases.

Imogen Fowler

An illustrious name in IP law, Imogen Fowler leads the Alicante office of Hogan Lovells. She skilfully aids global brands with filling and prosecution of EU trade marks and has magnificently represented brand owners in cancellation actions filed with the EUIPO.

Patricia Koch

Enlisted among the accomplished league, Patricia Koch from BALDER specializes in trade mark and patent infringement cases, marking notable activity in the field.

José Miguel Lissén

José Miguel Lissén, affiliated with Bird & Bird, is renowned for his seasoned expertise in patent litigation. He is hailed for his insightful knowledge and deft handling of complex cases.

Pablo González-Bueno

Pablo González-Bueno from González-Bueno SLP excels in trade mark negotiations and infringement proceedings, earning a significant acknowledgement for his skilful representation.

Jesús Muñoz-Delgado

A powerful presence in the field of IP law, Jesús Muñoz-Delgado from Gómez-Acebo & Pombo showcases an extraordinary command over patent litigation, with specific emphasis on technology and engineering patent disputes.

Eva Ochoa

Eva Ochoa of Pintó Ruiz & Del Valle is hailed for her exceptional strategic advice concerning anti-counterfeiting. With added experience in trade mark oppositions and revocation actions, she continues to set an admirable standard.

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José Mariano Cruz

Finally, José Mariano Cruz from Eversheds Sutherland proves commendable in his advisement on trade mark prosecution and litigation for clients across Spain and Europe. His daring ventures into complex OEPM trade mark registrations, even in the face of third-party oppositions, cannot go unnoticed.

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