Top 10 Influential Intellectual Property Lawyers Dominating Thailand’s Legal Scene 2023

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The prospering economy of Thailand witnesses a fierce competition in the business sector, where innovation and creativity are regarded as competitive edges. With increasing awareness towards the significance of Intellectual Property (IP) rights, a high-quality IP lawyer is a vital asset for any enterprise. Thailand boasts some of the most distinguished IP lawyers who are not only legal experts, but also have a wealth of knowledge concerning specific industry sectors. Therefore, they are capable of understanding and addressing the distinctive needs of clients from various industries. Here, we introduce some of the outstanding IP lawyers in Thailand, who have showcased a commitment to helping enterprises protect their IP rights.

Intellectual Property covers several domains including patents, trademarks, copyrights, and more. It is a critical asset for businesses that fosters innovation, enhances competitiveness and incentivizes investment in research and development. In Thailand, the enforcement of IP rights is a challenging area due to the presence of counterfeit products and piracy. Therefore, businesses need adept lawyers who not only understand the intricacies of IP law but can also adapt to the changing IP landscape in response to developing technologies.

Lawyers specializing in IP law help businesses preserve their innovation and competitive edge by ensuring that their IP rights are protected. They offer strategic advice on patenting inventions, prosecuting and enforcing trademarks, managing IP portfolios, and navigating through the complexity of cross-border IP transactions. Below are the profiles of some of the outstanding IP lawyers in Thailand.

Darani Vachanavuttivong

Tilleke & Gibbins

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Darani Vachanavuttivong is one of Thailand’s most recognized IP lawyers. She provides advice to clients from various sectors like manufacturing and life sciences on matters related to trade mark, patent and design prosecution. Her industry is Intellectual Property and she operates within the territory of Thailand.

Alan Adcock

Tilleke & Gibbins

Alan Adcock specializes in handling non-contentious IP matters including franchising arrangements and has significant expertise in the life sciences sector. His proficiency in handling IP cases that require cross-border expertise sets him apart. He operates within Thailand.

Nandana Indananda

Tilleke & Gibbins

Nandana Indananda is renowned for his active participation in representing multinational clients on patent, trade mark, and copyright disputes in Thailand. He is well-respected among his peers due to his very busy IP litigation practice.

Kowit Somwaiya

LawPlus Ltd

Kowit Somwaiya is well known for his expertise in trade mark matters extending from prosecution to enforcement. Alongside IP matters, he also advises clients on M&A operations.

Franck Fougere

Ananda IP

Franck Fougere leads the Ananda IP practice and has accrued extensive experience in trade mark prosecution and enforcement matters. His operations are primarily based in Thailand.

Suebsiri Taweepon

Tilleke & Gibbins

Suebsiri Taweepon deals with both contentious and non-contentious IP matters relating to trade marks, patents and copyrights. His specialist expertise lies in the technology sector in Thailand.

Titirat Wattanachewanopakorn


Titirat Wattanachewanopakorn regularly handles trade mark protection and enforcement for Thai and global clients. His clients’ sectors are diverse including insurance, manufacturing and consumer goods.

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Say Sujintaya

Baker McKenzie

Say Sujintaya provides a broad range of expertise in the field of Intellectual Property. She specialises in trade mark and patent advisory, anti-counterfeiting and disputes and holds specialist knowledge in media and entertainment industry.

Rutorn Nopakun

Domnern Somgiat & Boonma

Rutorn Nopakun often represents international clients from various sectors including automotive, media and retail. He mainly takes an active role in handling trademark opposition proceedings and enforcement work.

Daniel Greif

Schmitt & Orlov

Daniel Greif specializes in trade mark and copyright matters with significant involvement in prosecution and enforcement actions. His operations are primarily based in Thailand.

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