Top 10 Influential General Business Law Lawyers in Santa Catarina 2023

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In the dynamic field of General Business Law, the state of Santa Catarina in Brazil boasts some of the most proficient and accomplished lawyers in the business. These legal stalwarts not only exhibit unparalleled competence and proficiency, but they also reflect the diversity and richness of their country’s legal terrain. In an endeavour to present a few of such distinguished practitioners, this article introduces a number of highly-respected and admired General Business Law expert lawyers from Santa Catarina. Each brings their unique style and approach to their craft, whether it be tax law, environmental law, judicial recoveries, or corporate law, and these individuals serve as inspiration for aspirants and practitioners alike.

The undoubted strength of the legal profession in Santa Catarina is largely due to the exceptional quality of its lawyers. They are recognised for their acute understanding of law, their keenness for legal research, their extensive practical experience, and above all, for their unwavering dedication to ethical practices. In a field as complex and multi-faceted as General Business Law, these lawyers constantly prove their mettle, ensuring justice, fairness, and integrity in every case they undertake.

This article presents not just the profiles of these lawyers, but also draws back the curtain on their work, revealing the depth of their expertise, the breadth of their experience, and their commitment to their clients. We look at the fields they represent, the cases they tackle, and the kind of solutions they provide —providing readers with an illustrative cross-section of the state of contemporary General Business Law practice in Santa Catarina, Brazil.

Marcelo Buzaglo Dantas

Firm: Buzaglo Dantas Advogados
Marcelo Buzaglo Dantas is a renowned authority in environmental law matters. He handles both contentious and non-contentious cases and is highly regarded by peers and clients alike.

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Italo Mosimann

Firm: Mosimann-Horn Advogados
Italo Mosimann is particularly commended for his skills in dealing with contract executions, indemnity claims and environmental issues. His client service is highly praised, with a noteworthy success rate.

Priscila Dalcomuni

Firm: Martinelli Advogados
Distinguished for her precision in legal work, Priscila Dalcomuni excels in the field of tax law. She often represents clients in sophisticated judicial and administrative disputes.

Pedro Henrique Moritz Stodieck

Firm: b/luz
Pedro Henrique Moritz Stodieck has earned commendation from clients for his high-quality work, responsiveness, and courteousness. He is especially active providing legal support to technology companies regarding financial investments.

Francisco Rangel Effing

Firm: Lollato Lopes Rangel Ribeiro
Francisco Rangel Effing is highly active on judicial recoveries and reorganisation proceedings. His expertise is endorsed by peers, who refer to him as an “exponent” in this area.

Lauana Ghiorzi Ribeiro

Firm: Lollato Lopes Rangel Ribeiro
Lauana Ghiorzi Ribeiro is an active practitioner in the credit recovery area and her practice has been endorsed by the market.

Vladimir de Marck

Firm: De Marck Advogados
The founding partner of his firm, Vladimir de Marck, is a top player in the south of Santa Catarina. His outstanding activity in corporate and contracts matters is widely endorsed.

Lio Bocorny

Firm: Mosimann-Horn Advogados
Lio Bocorny is admired for his expertise in high-stakes litigation matters, complex agreements and arbitration proceedings. His technical knowledge and reputation are highly valued in the market.

José Paulo de Freitas

Firm: De Marck Advogados
José Paulo de Freitas is recognised for his activity across the commercial and corporate spheres and for his expertise in procedural law.

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Rafael Horn

Firm: Mosimann-Horn Advogados
Rafael Horn is a respected practitioner with a solid track record in sophisticated mandates. He is a favourite point of contact for clients due to his strategic oversight and high-level work.

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