Top 10 Influential General Business Law Lawyers in Madagascar 2023

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The business law industry in Madagascar, a key investor hub, is proudly bolstered by a collection of top-notch legal experts. These professionals cover a wide ambit of areas in business law, ranging from corporate matters and dispute resolution, to tax law and public procurement, all of which contribute significantly to Madagascar’s growing corporate and commercial environment. Let us introduce to you some of the most influential lawyers in this field who are taking the legal outlook in Madagascar to new heights.

Despite the challenging and complex business law landscape in the country, these luminaries have managed to excel in their respective niches, leaving a prodigious impact on those fortunate enough to avail their counsel. From assisting corporations with tax structuring, to rendering legal advice on employment, labour and merger & acquisition issues, they stand as stalwarts in their profession. Their unwavering commitment to the law makes them industry exemplars whose contributions greatly benefit Madagascar’s business sector.

It is pertinent to note that while not all of these practitioners have dedicated firm websites, their impeccable legal expertise and professional acumen transcend the need for an online presence. By consistently delivering excellent services and setting high standards in their relevant practice areas, they have earned their clientele’s unwavering trust and confidence.

Hanta Radilofe

Hanta Radilofe is a corporate law expert from the Cabinet Félicien Radilofe firm. Besides her vast knowledge in corporate matters, she is adept at advising on labour and employment law and is also active in dispute resolution within Madagascar’s General Business Law industry.

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Alex Rafamantanantsoa

A known figure in dispute resolution, Alex Rafamantanantsoa has a well-established practice at Alex Rafamantanantsoa & Associés. His key areas of practice are corporate law and tax law, with sources noting his commercial abilities.

Tafita Ratsimba Herivelo

A lawyer from the esteemed LEXEL JURIDIQUE & FISCAL firm, Tafita Ratsimba Herivelo is often sought after by clients from the mining and energy sectors. His vast experience includes advising on M&A transactions and public procurements.

Frédéric Christophe Ranjatoely

Apart of the LEXEL JURIDIQUE & FISCAL legal team, Frédéric Christophe Ranjatoely specializes in tax structuring and finance matters. His services are regularly utilized by international clients.

Hanna Keyserlingk

The managing partner of HK Jurifisc, Hanna Keyserlingk is a respected figure in Madagascar’s legal community. She is a seasoned expert in tax law and transactional matters.

Raphaël Jakoba

Maintaining proficiency in arbitration and OHADA law, Raphaël Jakoba from Madagascar Conseil International imparts his experience to guide investors and banks across the energy, petroleum and mining sectors.

Sahondra Rabenarivo

Known for her inclination in handling a wide array of corporate matters, Sahondra Rabenarivo from the Madagascar Law Offices has carved a reputable niche in Madagascar’s business sector. Her clientele includes international companies across various sectors like banking, energy and mining.

Volahasina Andriamanalina

Veteran attorney Volahasina Andriamanalina, running her own firm, Cabinet Volahasina Andriamanalina, is a seasoned professional recognized for her expertise in commercial litigation. Additionally, she advises clients on legal matters concerning construction, employment and labour law.

Vanja Ramanandraitsiory

Vanja Ramanandraitsiory of John W Ffooks & Co holds expertise in oil and gas developments and project finance. Furthermore, he is proficient in assisting clients with corporate transactions and reorganizations.

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John Ffooks

Based in London, John Ffooks is a renowned commercial lawyer. He brings his legal savvy to the table in dealing with corporate transactions and project finance matters in Madagascar, particularly within the natural resources and oil and gas industry sectors.

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